SIX- The Baltic

The Newcastle Quayside has always been one of my favourite locations in the area. The stunning river views along a stretch of classic Victorian style buildings is the perfect backdrop to the contemporary restaurant and bar scene. Until this year, I had never really ventured across the multitude of bridges to explore what food and drink venues are on offer. With the booming business along at HWKR market and By The River Co. Gateshead side of the Tyne is expanding more than ever.

But a place which has been around for a while now and I just hadn’t had the opportunity to try was SIX rooftop bar and restaurant. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Six is located on the top floor of the contemporary art museum, the Baltic. With breath taking views for miles across the Quayside the modern British menu has been described as one of the best dining locations in the city.

SIX Quayside views

Inspiration for the seasonal menus are centred around simplicity and sustainability. The chefs at SIX refresh their menu as seasons come and go, crafting the cuisine to compliment the availability of the best local produce on offer. Last month there was a fantastic August offer costing diners £15 for three courses at lunch time or two courses in the early evening. After seeing and hearing fantastic reviews about the food and the incredible value for money, I had to finally see what all the fuss was about.

The modern white and simplistic décor highlights the contemporary feel echoed throughout the building. Large floor to ceiling glass windows creates an airy and open restaurant perfect for the complex and creative flavours seen on the menu.

Smoked Salmon

The August offer included any starter, main and dessert from the a la carte menu. We were dining at lunch time so ordered starters including house smoked Scottish salmon. This pea and mint velour contrasted perfectly with the spring salad and sharp smoky salmon flavours. Another starter on the menu which we devoured was the whipped chicken liver parfait with pumpkalilli and warm focaccia. Outside of promotional offers these starters cost around £8-9 each which is rather pricey but the fantastic flavours and presentation, combined with the £15 offer was outstanding value for money.

Chicken liver parfait

For main course we again ordered two different meals, with three of us opting for the rump of lamb. Grilled tender stem broccoli, spiced lamb pastilla and pomegranate accompanied the meat again with impeccable presentation and fantastic flavours. The spiced pastilla reminded me of an Asian style spring roll which actually complimented the traditional British dish perfectly. The sharp infusion of pomegranate gave a modern twist on a classic English meal.

Rump of lamb

The other main course was pan-roasted Atlantic cod flavoured with brown butter and citrus on a bed of herb risotto. The fish was delicate and light due to flavours blending seamlessly. Gentle flavours infused within the risotto matched the fish so well and for what would cost £20 outside of the August offer, value for money was unquestionable. We added an additional bowl of heritage new potatoes which were flavoured in Miso and tarragon butter costing an extra £4

Atlantic cod

Onto the desserts. Here there was a mixture of orders from traditional sticky toffee pudding to dark chocolate mouse and unusual flavoured cake. Sticky toffee is usually my go-to dessert because of the rich butterscotch sauce. SIX chefs added crispy walnuts over the classic pudding alongside a popcorn flavoured ice cream which really added a modern twist to a regular sticky toffee pudding.


The pistachio and rapeseed cake was absolutely stunning. Again, amazing contrasting flavours accompanied by English berries and vanilla cream. I ordered the dark chocolate mousse because I had seen a few pictures on social media, and it looked unreal. And boy was I not wrong. The delicate mousse was topped with fresh raspberries and caramelised cocoa with alternative textures from the hokey pokey finishing the dessert off perfectly. I cannot put into words how much I loved this dessert, bold claim here but…possibly one of the best desserts I have ever had!

Dark chocolate mousse

For £15 the experience and unbelievable creativity behind each dish was exceptional value for money. I am so so glad that I had the opportunity to try out the menu but fear not if you didn’t get the chance. SIX at the Baltic continues to offer special priced deals including two courses for £18 or three for £23 at lunch time. This is on offer between the times of 12.00pm and 14.30pm whilst the early evening offer is £20 for two dishes or £25 for three between 17.00pm and 19.00pm. Although this is more expensive than the August offer, I think the prices are still rather good, especially for the quality of the food and lets not forget the incredible views overlooking the city.

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