Ghetto Golf Newcastle

Ghetto Golf has taken over Newcastle and it is so far living up to its slogan- it is quite literally ‘sicker than your average’ mini golf course. If you haven’t heard about this new crazy golf venue that has taken over The Clay Shed in Hoult’s Yard, then where have you been!?

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This neon, spray paint, graffiti addition to the city has grabbed everyones attention and although some of you may have seen my posts on social media about being invited to their pre-launch party sneak preview I was too sick to go to the launch event 😦

So, instead I booked my friend and I a slot on a Saturday afternoon a week later thinking the afternoon wouldn’t be too busy since this venue is strictly over 18s only due to some rather censored content… as well as the epic cocktail bar. Ghetto Golf Newcastle is open weekdays 5pm till 1am and on a weekend from 11am until 1am as well and when I was talking to one of the owners during the pre-launch he was saying how so many people in the other locations such as Liverpool and Birmingham use the crazy golf vibe for a night out that he thinks Newcastle will love the concept. I agree.


We arrived at 12.30 for out booked slot of which we payed £10 each for the standard 18 hole round. I headed to the bar for a drink and since I was driving I asked if there was any mocktails as I couldn’t see any on their menu board. The barman was really good and just asked me what flavours I liked and rustled me up a mocktail based on what I told him and honestly it was the best mocktail I’ve ever had! He only charged me £3 for it as well. I was buzzing and couldn’t thank him enough.


We then took to the course. Each hole has a different and totally wacky theme to it. Hole two was an ice-cream van where the DJ who is Newcastle based plays live music into the venue. All of the props that are seen within Ghetto Golf have taken from around the city and recycled and done-up to really keep things totally authentic.

The themes of each hole varies from Amsterdam peep shows, to pinball machines, a Newcastle spin off of the Jeremy Kyle show to make the Jesmond Kyle show and even an old pedalo which has been used to create the Tunnel of Love. The creativity and effort which has gone into making this exciting, adventurous and absolutely crazy mini gold venue is phenomenal. There is literally nothing like this anywhere else and that’s what Ghetto Golf brand themselves as being individuals and I love that.


They even have their very own food vendor onsite of each of the locations called Apocalypse Cow serving up street food once golfers have worked up their appetites. The BBQ street food champions offer a range of grub from loaded fries to twisted tapas, burgers and nachos. I have yet to try out their food but the loaded fries looked and sounded right up my street especially the Orimental Kamikaze ones- Korean pork, chilli, onion, peppers, Char Sui sauce, Srircaha mayo and spring onions all for £6.76- YUM!


Ghetto Golf is an amazing experience and would 100% recommend to anyone who is over the age of 18 to get a group of mates together and give it a go or even suggest it for a date night because I guarantee you will have so many laughs along the way not only with the venue and the madness inside but with possibly some of your golfing skills too.


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