Riverview Kitchen Durham

Usually I hear about somewhere new because I have seen it advertised on social media and they have created an account themselves and posting loads of content. With the Riverview Kitchen in Durham it was different, although they have a Facebook page, they don’t have a website or instagram page so the only way I found out about this fab brunch/lunch spot was literally word of mouth and the insane pictures everyone was taking of their food.

After I had seen quite a few pancake pics (I am a sucker for an American style pancake) I was on a mission to get myself down to Durham to try these bad boys out. I don’t know Durham like the back of my hand but it’s a small enough town to navigate around and with the cobblestoned streets are being so easy to walk around I soon enough found my way down the narrow steps to the Riverview Kitchen. It is located on Silver Street near the Topshop before the bridge. You would probably miss it if you weren’t looking for it to be honest.

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We arrived just after 10am on Sunday morning and were super excited to try out these Instagram famous pancakes that I had seen so many photos of. We grabbed the last window seat in the conservatory area which overlooked the river which was absolutely beautiful and perfect on a particularly sunny day. Although we did ponder the menu we already knewwhat we wanted. All pancakes on the breakfast menu are priced at £7.25 and there are a choice of four options. My friend ordered the banoffee ones which came with bananas, toffee sauce, cream and crunchy cookies. I on the other hand opted for Nutella pancakes which were down on the menu to come with bananas but I asked the waiter if I could swap for strawberries and that wasn’t a problem.

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We ordered coffees as well whilst we waited excitedly for our brunch to come out. It was so relaxing to sit in a lovely atmosphere which was decorated with soft tones and wooden furniture to match the surroundings of woodland area and grey tonal patterns too. Tranquil music played quietly in the background as we sipped our coffees which came with a mini Daim bar on the side, and watched the river float past the window.

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The pancakes shortly came and they were absolutely huge! My friends toppings were practically falling off her plate! She had mini shortbread pieces on the pancakes and she loved the flavour. Mine was really fluffy too and the Nutella and strawberries of course went perfectly together. I would have liked a bit more Nutella and strawberries as the last two pancakes to the stack had no toppings which meant they were dry but overall they were nice.

We thought that the atmosphere was really lovely and the value for money was great as we paid just over £10 each all included. We left with our stomachs totally full and smiles on our faces. We were certainly going to return.

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We met up later on in the day with my parents and raved about the Riverview Kitchen that we had found earlier on in the morning and said how it was dog friendly. It was a popular cafe/restaurant which I thought they would love and had a great sounding lunch menu too. They wanted us to take them back so we did! Two trips in one day is definitely a good sign!

However… we were both so excited to show mum and dad this amazing new place but our return visit was not at all like the morning. There were a few hiccups with a spilt drink which nobody could have prevented but after this our order was totally forgotten about and we ended up only getting one meal and the other two were never brought out. When we went to pay for the meal we said that we had waited a really long time and just wanted to pay for the one we had actually gotten. I was shocked that we didn’t get an apology for the mistake of forgetting two main meal orders at all but rather than making us feel better about it they made us feel like it was our fault.

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I was really disappointed leaving the Riverview Kitchen the second time because I had absolutely loved it in the morning. The food was delicious and the service was good. I’m not sure what had happened when we returned later on in the day but it was a total shame. I will of course still be returning for brunch and I am still wanting to try their lunch time menu as well, however I won’t get my hopes up too much like I did the first time.

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  1. Argh no what on earth went wrong? Were they really busy when you went back? No excuse to be rude though, a shame they didn’t properly apologise!


  2. ellesecrit says:

    What a shame about the second visit! Those pancakes look amazing though, I love American pancakes too!


  3. Interesting post , keep up the good work. If you have time maybe you can check mine, Have a great day.


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