The Alchemist Newcastle

Right at the heart of the city, The Alchemist came to spread some scientific magic across the city of Newcastle back in March 2017. The Instagram worthy attractive and stylish cocktails were already renowned to some of us Geordies so you can image the excitement when The Alchemist opened up its own branch in Eldon Square.

The Alchemist became top on my list for classy and sophisticated drinks on a girls night out but I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience the food menu that the Newcastle restaurant and bar had to offer until now. The January offer that took place last month (50% off meals) was the perfect opportunity for my friends and I to treat ourselves to some delicious food and drinks. It was even more special that we booked for the weekend that we had all completed our exams and in the mood to celebrate.

We arrive early evening of a Sunday afternoon where we instantly took to the cocktail menu scanning the huge range that The Alchemist has to offer. Admittedly, I have tried most off the menu and the lightbulb moment has to be one of my favourites; Tanquerary gin blended with Pimms and ginger beer mixed alongside raspberry, mint and lemon. My friend and I ordered on each and the others asked for Butter Beer which was a combination of Sailor Jerry, Licor 43, salted vanilla syrup all mixed in with gold beer soda. Unfortunately, The Alchemist had ran out of the dry ice that evening and so we didn’t get to ‘see the magic happen’ with our Lightbulb Moment drinks which was a shame because my friend hadn’t been before and wanted get a good Instagram story (lol).


Nevertheless, the drinks still tasted amazing and really cleansed our pallets before our starters were brought over. We went for Halloumi Stix which came with a mustard side sauce, Tempura prawn Lollipops which also came with a side of sweet chilli sauce and thirdly salt and pepper crispy squid. We agreed that the halloumi which was coated in breadcrumbs were just enough for a starter which was fab and the mustard sauce went really well. The prawns were amazing in flavour and the lollipop decorative idea was really inventive and aesthetically pleasing. The squid was also delicious and cooked perfectly. So far so good!


The main course didn’t take too much longer to come after our starter plates were cleared. I ordered the cajun Seitan nugget fajitas which came in their own little divided plates so I could make my own up. Sautéed pepper and onions were served on a hot skillet topped with the chicken and alongside came the lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa. I would have liked a little bit more cheese and lettuce as I only managed to get 2 out of the 4 tortilla wraps with all ingredients in but regardless I thoroughly enjoyed my main.

The Alchemy Fish and Chips came with peas and tartare sauce which looked amazing. The waitress was really helpful when my friend was ordering and informed her that The Alchemist do their fish and chips a little differently than usual…jet black batter! It looked so cool and my friend was in ore of the fish when it came- the taste was delicious too apparently.


After feeling incredibly full we all thought we couldn’t eat another bite but when there is 50% off food how can you say no to dessert!? My favourite of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream was calling my name and I just couldn’t resist. It was amazing and I mean amazing. The toffee sauce was divine and the cold ice-cream refreshed my palette after the sticky sponge pudding. We also got a brownie which my friend loved because it was rich in cocoa and came with vanilla ice cream as well. Churros were the third dessert we ordered that came wrapped in paper and in a basket just like old-fashioned chip shop chips came in.



Overall we had a great time dining at The Alchemist in Newcastle. The food was top notch but of course the main event is their renowned cocktails which despite the missing dry ice magical steam, still tasted amazing.

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  1. Steph says:

    We have an Alchemist here but I’ve only ever done cocktails. Definitely going to give the food a go now, looks right up my street!

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