The Dispensary Coffee House

If you haven’t seen or heard about the brand new opening of The Dispensary near St. James Park Stadium, then where the heck have you been!? Posted weeks in advance on their instagram account, were special previews of what they were bringing to the toon and what they were bringing, looked mighty fine!


Getting extremely jealous of peoples pictures of the dreamy breakfasts and brunches I had to go see what The Dispensary was all about for myself. I went on a Saturday morning with a friend getting there around 11.15am and boy was it busy. We didn’t mind waiting a bit once we had seen the food which looked incredible. We eventually got seated at a table in the middle of the small breakfast spot with the beautiful sun lighting up the whole place. With it only being the second day of open business I was so surprised to see that the queue was out the door of all these people waiting to be seated and experience this new inventive way to brunch. My friend and I had already looked at the menu whilst we were waiting and the lovely waitress apologised numerous times for our wait which we didn’t mind as we appreciated that it was only the second day of business.


After so many mouth watering pictures I had seen on social media there was no doubt in my mind what I would be ordering- the milk and white chocolate pancake stack that came with a self-injecting maple syrup for just £7. It was death by chocolate and my body after was probably about 80% pancakes but my word…INCREDIBLE. So so tasty and delicious!


My friend got the same chocolate and maple syrup combination by instead of pancakes got French toast. She had never had French toast before but loved The Dispensary’s take on it. Others around us were ordering waffles and friend chicken and supercool drip iced coffee or pink tea.

We both opted for the candy floss hot chocolate at the price of £3.50 each. I thought both the food and the drinks were all very reasonable in price especially for the quality and quantity that you received. The hot chocolate came with the liquid in a conical flask along side a cup mounted with candy floss of which you pored the liquid over the floss and watch it melt. It was super smooth and the perfect sweetness not too over powering with sugar or chocolate which was amazing. IMG_1273

I absolutely loved the food at The Dispensary but I would highly recommend that if you fancy going you book in advance as we just turned up and waited nearly 2 hours all in for our food and drinks. The waiting staff couldn’t have been more apologetic for the time and were so overwhelmed by the success and popularity they had received only on their second day. So, if you fancy trying this amazing new Newcastle brunch spot I suggest being prepared for a wait but nevertheless I a wait worth having for some delicious food.

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