Chaia Tea Bar

Featured numerous times on my Instagram stories, Chaia Tea Bar became one of my favourite coffee and tea spots very quickly.

Situated opposite Have To Love on Gosforth High Street, this tea emporium is an extremely cosy spot. My favourite is the window seat where giant cushions and throws engulf you as you watch the world go by out the window. On my most recent visit we were lucky to get this seat especially as it is always so busy. Chaia is rather small but as the saying goes, great things come in small packages. A couple of wooden tables and a bar and stool set up by the door is just enough for a comfortable and relaxing environment where you really do feel as if you are at home.


I have had this on-going challenge for myself ever since Chaia opened, to work my way through their tea menu. If you have been before you will know the extent of the list. My agenda is to try one off each section first then work my way back round through the rest. So far, I have managed the classic black teas, gunpowder green, rose petal earl grey flavoured white, perky peppermint, Flower Burst flowering tea and fresh mint leaves. You can probably now guess how much I love this cute tea house.


This visit, I made my venture into the wellness blends and opted for the Energy tea which came in a lovely matte black pottery teapot with a mini cup to match. The tea was delicious and made it up there to one of my favourites due to its fruity blend and sharp twist which really sparked my energy to perk up. My mum ordered a large cappuccino which she always loves.


We love how relaxed the atmosphere is in Chaia and the music would very easily send me to sleep. The owner (I think) is always so lovely and full of energy which is a breath of fresher air, nothing is too much trouble and she is great to either leave you to chill out or have a chat about practically anything. This time she wasn’t in which was a shame as we didn’t quite take as well to our server, nevertheless our experience was still enjoyable. We ordered some lunch whilst we were here on our visit. I went for the pastrami, cheddar panini with red onion and jalapeno relish which was absolutely gorgeous, the hit of spice from the relish went perfectly with the pastrami and cheddar. A salad garnish and root vegetable crisps came alongside. Mum got the tuna, cheddar and smoked paprika relish panini which came with the same garnish of sides as mine. Both of these fantastic and filling lunch options were £5.95 each which we agreed was a fab price for what we got.

With Chaia having such an amazing decorative and relaxing interior my mum and i sat talking for hours and it was so lovely especially as I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her. We weren’t rushed out the door or hassled with paying and good job because we ended up getting some dessert. When the cake counter looks as good as it does in this tea emporium then you really can’t say no. I knew I would regret not trying the billionaire’s brownie and thank goodness I got it. Although I was rather full, I managed half of this incredible sweet treat and took the other half home with me. Mum got the banoffee cheesecake which had flake pieces sprinkled on top and she loved it.

Overall, Chaia Tea House is absolutely one of my favourite spots. The fantastic range of tea, the delicious food and just the all-round relaxing vibes is the perfect combination. If you are a fan of any of these things (you would be crazy not to be) I highly recommend you check Chaia out, you won’t regret it.

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