Flat Caps Coffee

Subtle interior, potted plants and cracking coffee.

Priding themselves as being coffee connoisseurs, the guys at Flat Caps offer coffee three ways. The fairly traditional filtered coffee which most of your regular coffee houses will produce, aeropressed which brews coffee under pressure creating a strong flavour or syphon. The latter is the old-fashioned way which produces a strong, clean and bright blend.


Like most of our modern cafes which are taking a more simplistic approach, this Carliol Square street wonder is one of a kind. Adopting wooden tables and benches, sofas to relax on and surrounded by hanging baskets is the perfect hang out. On my visit last Saturday evening my friend and I got the last arm chair and sofa table. It was surprising how busy the coffee shop was especially on a Saturday evening, but Flat Caps is open 7-days a week till midnight Thursday to Saturday.


My friend and I weren’t fancying coffee (even though we felt like we were cheating on Flat Caps) it was too late in the evening and I didn’t fancy being awake till all hours of the morning. We both went for hot chocolates with the alternative of almond milk over regular which we both loved that they catered this. To accompany the drinks, we each got a £2.50 Nutella brownie made by local bakers Pet Lamb Patisserie. They were absolutely delicious and a great slice size. The hot chocolates were perfect with the right amount of cocoa froth on the top and smooth almond milk consistence.


The laidback, hassle free coffee house has been decorated with an elegant touch of hanging light bulbs and fairy lights strung around giving a really cosy vibe to the open and large space. From doing uni work, having a business meeting or a chilled coffee with a friend, Flat Caps is the place to go. I would highly recommend this (not so) hidden gem if you are looking for a relaxed coffee spot.


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  1. Amy Louise says:

    I visited there last year some time was lovely 🙂 xx


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