Pink Lane Coffee

Now that I am back to a full time university lifestyle- I’m a masters student now, it’s not just an hour a day- it is a lot harder to get to some down time with my friends. Since we are all preparing for our futures more than ever this year we don’t spend as much time together as we would all like to. This weekend my house mates and I decided we would take a couple of hours out of our hectic schedules of studying, working or exercising to chill out. The only problem being we are students so we wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank and didn’t require doing a lot.

For a while now I have wanted to visit Pink Lane Coffee shop which is situated opposite Central Station. I have seen many great things being posted to Instagram about how edgy and cool this hidden gem is. If we hadn’t have been on the look out for the entrance we probably would have walked straight passed because it is quite literally hidden away at the end of Pink Lane near the Subway and Greggs on Neville Street.

From the outside this London-vibe coffee house doesn’t seem much except for its instagramable sign under the outdoor setting area. But, when you venture into this artsy coffee shop you see that it is far bigger than it looks. Immediately you are overlooking the coffee counter with freshly baked cakes and pastries on show. Pink Lane are great when it comes to supporting local businesses which if you have read a few of my posts you will know I am a huge fan of. These delicate and yummy looking treats are all locally sourced with the milk served at Pink Lane Coffee coming from Northumbrian Pedigree Milk suppliers. IMG_6476

My friends and I went through the cafe and managed to get the last table at the back. Looking around there seemed to be many students and business people working on their laptops and no wonder with the relaxed vibes this place was giving off. Free wifi is available for all customers and with many electrical sockets at hand so there is no better reason to get out of the library or office for a change of scenery.

When pondering over the menu board near the counter we spotted a group of people getting ready to leave the large comfy looking sofas situated by the window. A big fan of people watching we hung around and decided to move. We ordered up at the counter opting for coffees and cakes. With two cappuccinos (one made with oat milk for an extra 20p) and for my self a very large white hot chocolate. I was expecting it to be a bit sickly and too much to drink along side a sweet treat but surprisingly the right amount of sweetness. It was absolutely delicious and when I had finished I really wanted another one. The cappuccinos I was told were really smooth and could tell that Pink Lane Coffee pride themselves on being a specialty coffee shop.


Pink Lane has got their coffee down to a T, and it is no wonder with their own roaster-Colour Coffee and their coffee shop having a multi-roaster making coffee with some of the UK’s favourite coffee specialists such as Origin, Round Hill and Extract. The coffee goes perfectly with a treat (or in my case the white hot choc). We ordered a caramel nut slice at the cost of £2.30, a slice of carrot cake and a salted caramel brownie both for £2.60. The prices were an absolute bargain for how good they each tasted! My brownie was gooey and rich in cocoa. The carrot cake was really moist and you could tell it had been made with fresh ingredients, whilst the caramel nut slice was right up my friends street. The caramel complemented the sharp nuttiness against the sweet caramel topping.

We absolutely loved our visit to Pink Lane Coffee shop and can’t wait to go back- quite literally planning another trip asap. With the prices being so reasonable as to say everything we ordered was individually under £3 was amazing. The relaxed ambiance was just what we needed to sit back and chat for hours whilst leaving our busy lives at the door. I really can’t believe this Newcastle hidden gem has been open since May 2012 and I only just visited. I totally recommend everyone to give it a try. Whether you are on a coffee break from work, early to the train station, looking for a nice place to do some revision; Pink Lane is the place for you. Even better, its open 7 days a week!


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  1. Nina says:

    That sounds a perfect spot for a bit of people watching! Sounds such a relaxed place and a great place to meet and catch up with your friends – one to try and find when I’m in Newcastle! I love recommendations – thank you.
    Nina x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes 100% try when you are up here! It is a hidden gem which more people should know about


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