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Autumn is perhaps my favourite time of the year. I absolutely love all the colours; from reds, oranges and browns to pale greens and golden yellows. Not just because of the colours, the slightest temperature drop means that those early mornings are crisp and is there anything better than walking up early on a sunny cold day!?

Not only are the mornings that bit nippier but the nights creep in earlier which means hot water bottles are (nearly) a necessity as we wrap up warm. I love all these things though! Even when it is raining, a good book in front of an open fire and a delightfully fresh smelling candle is just absolute heaven.

When Prude fragrances sent me their Fragrance Discovery Set which costs just £10 for 5 samples of their amazing fragrances I was thrilled. Getting the opportunity to endure in the sweet and spicy scents was exactly the cherry on top of my autumnal setting. If you are unfamiliar with this North East candle and fragrance brand then shame on you (especially my fellow Geordies!) They are a family run business which started out in 2017 and have recently expanded with a unisex line of products all cured in their studio by the North Sea.


I must admit I am sort of a hard person to please when it comes to fragrances and perfumes. My family always buy me the same ones because they know how particular I am about smells. Prude…let me give you a round of applause! You have created a fantastic range of which I love every single scent. I ended up choosing the ‘Cape Jasmine‘ one for my candle which is fresh and delicate yet seductive with a floral intoxication. This winning fragrance is a combination of jasmine and amber for a rich and narcotic effect. The floral essence mixed with amber warmth is the ultimate base.

It was an extremely hard decision to make when I was selecting which candle I was going to get because I could have snapped up all of the fragrances (hello Christmas list). Close second place for me was the ‘Sac Magique‘ dusty cocoa nibs and milk chocolate blend. Think classic Channel and white musk. The warm oriental flavour is complemented perfectly by the earthy patchouli, amber and sandalwood. One for the Jo Malone lovers.


Other flavours include ‘Kah Ruba which is a warm and exotic frangrance. A bit more sensual with a hint of spice, amber and labdanum. ‘Tangerine Dream the citrus number alongside bergamot, chocolate and amber creates a creamy candle with a hint of lavender and sandalwood for the long lasting experience. Finally, ‘Parlour Games‘ is inspired by the Victorian era and the gentleman’s clubs. Rich tobacco flavoured with dark wood and a touch of cognac for the sophisticated edge creates a powerful fragrance. Based with leather and boozy accords, Parlour Games will be the fragrance on every mans neck this Christmas.

All fragrances come in 50ml for £49.00 or 100ml for £69, which I think is amazing! I would 100% go for the bigger bottle as its an absolute steel price. The fragrances also come in candle versions such as the one I got ‘Evelyn’ and they last 45 hours of burning time. These candles are just £24 each whilst wax melts in packs of 4 are just £9 each. Even better they come in the shape of cute little elephants. Walter, George, Elizabeth and Cordelia are the names of the fragrances which come in reed diffusers and these cost £29. Cordelia may be a winner this winter for its warm spices combined with a sensual mix of oud wood.

IMG_6462‘Evelyn’ is a golden aromatic flavour with hints of amber, amplified orange and vanilla. ‘Tabitha’ on the other hand is a candle described by Prude as ‘a zesty ripe and juicy essence’ think sherbet lemons and meringue pie! ‘Beatrix’ is jasmine lead, ‘Dorothy’ has an aromatic lavender, and the exotic fruity scent  ‘Elizabeth’ are also some of the stunning candles on Prude Fragrance website. For the men who enjoy a candle around the house there are the ‘Walter’ candles which are described as “unapologetically masculine” due to its oak and leather scent combined with tobacco, as well as the ‘George‘ candle with a softer smell of hazelnut, coffee and chocolate. Perfect for the winter months.

Prude is my new go to brand when it comes to all things scented. From candle treats to Christmas presents, I know those receiving one of their products this year is going to be thrilled. Check them out for all you fragrance needs, you won’t need to look anywhere else!

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