Lucia Wine Bar Harrogate

Back in September when it wasn’t quite as cold and the leaves hadn’t turned that gorgeous golden brown colour I hopped on a train to Harrogate. Getting an hour and a half train further south of Newcastle just to have dinner with my now graduated university friends really shows our friendship. And I love that! I honestly didn’t mind the change of trains and the extremely late night because of it. The company was amazing and well the food…Let me tell you:



Having not visited Harrogate before I couldn’t suggest any places to eat so I went to my trusty friend of Instagram to check out the posts (handy tip over google as Insta pics do the food justice…good or bad) Lucia Wine Bar kept popping up and before I got the chance to mention it to my friends they had already suggested the same place.

Not far from Harrogate station was the gorgeous restaurant which was built up upon a hill. There was a garden and sheltered terrace area for the warmer months, a conservatory side where dinners could look out over the town and the main indoor restaurant area which was were we were seated. It was a shame that all the balcony tables were taken but to be honest we still had an incredible view.


This Mediterranean inspired spot had their popular ‘cocktail club’ offer on which meant that selected cocktails were priced at just £4 whilst cocktail jugs were just £11. This was a must especially since non-alcoholic drinks were around the same price. I went for the ‘Elderberry Cooler’ which included Acai berry vodka, blue curacao, elderflower syrup, blueberries and lemonade. One friend went for the ‘Berry Licious’ which was raspberry vodka fresh raspberries, black raspberry liquor, sugar syrup, lime juice and lemonade. My other friend was driving back home so she had to go for a mocktail which wasn’t included in the club deal priced at £4.25 and she chose the ‘Tropicalisma’. This included orange juice, pomegranate juice, passionfruit syrup and cranberry juice topped with a fresh half of passionfruit.



For food both of my friends ordered the Lasagne Al Ragu which looked amazing. A garnish of salad accompanied the dish and they both agreed that it was one of the best pasta dishes they have had at a restaurant before especially for the price of £10.95. Garlic, rosemary and sea salt flatbreads were ordered by the girls as a side which they shared. It is usually a starter dish but we asked for it to come with the main.

I on the other hand went for the chicken breast burger. This was priced at £11.50 and was a chipotle mayonnaise marinate which was chargrilled and served in a crusty roll. Chips and a salad garnish along with a pickled pepper were the accompaniments. I absolutely love it. It was super tasty and the chicken nor the bread was tough or dry. The chips were delicious and cooked in that Italian way (you know where they are tripled cooked but can only taste that nice at an Italian restaurant).


Overall we were super happy with our meals and it was so nice to relax and enjoy each others company without being rushed out the door. The staff were really friendly and helpful when we asked about each dish. Our waitress was a girl who had just started working there and she did a fab job!

Lucia Wine Bar also has a sister restaurants in York  and Beverly which are perfect for al fresco dining. I would totally recommend you try Lucia out if you happen to be in the Yorkshire area and if not…well why not meet so good friends there because it was such a nice experience which I will certainly be doing again.


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  1. sarahsarsby says:

    This is actually interesting because I’m going to Harrogate in a few weeks for work and have no idea about where to go/eat, so this post has really helped me out and it looks amazing! Thanks for posting x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh hope you gave this fab place a try!


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