As a part-time blogger and full time student, time management is what I spend most of my life trying to do. From assignment deadline dates to blog posts going live, I have to quite literally have my life planned from the moment I get up to the minute I go to bed.  Most diaries and planners I’ve seen on the shelves don’t work for me as some weeks simply didn’t have to plan my week so it seems a waste of two pages. I was therefore after a planner that worked around me and my schedule rather than the other way around.

This was when I discovered Ponderlily, where their purpose filled planners are used for purposeful living. A massive attraction for me was that this planner business is based in the heart of my home city, Newcastle upon Tyne. Also that there is a choice for an undated edition. This spoke wonders to me.


Ponderlily share something very special in their planners and have a similar ethos to myself. I cannot survive without a planner in my life because I am always on the go. For me it is so important to find time to see and do everything that I enjoy in life and connectedness sits at the core of everything Ponderlily do. From quality time with their families, unearthing their passions or simply becoming more attune to their aspirations their planners act perfectly for all of these thing. Something I was in dire need of.

Upon the Ponderlily website the undated planners come in three different colours; Warm Grey, Charcoal and Violet. Each product is carefully crafted to help customers plan, pursue and seize the things that matter the most. I opted for the stunning Violet edition which comes with an engraved gold stitching. All the undated editions are just £23 whilst other products such as the Travel Journals cost £18 for the choice of Red or Emerald.

Ponderlily quite literally allows you to plan your life to your tailored organisational needs. Seeking more harmony in your life to be able to enjoy those in-between moments whilst cultivating positivity and embracing new experiences has never been so easy. The ‘monthly road map’ pages allow you to separate your wellness and relaxation goals from your time planned to spend with friends and family. Boxes for important financial dates and projects can also be noted at the start of each month. The core Ponderlily planners are created with spaces for focus and recharge whilst celebrating every step of your personal journey.


All products are made with eco-conscious materials and elegant lines. The signature planner is designed to prompt you to dream fearlessly, set meaningful intentions and take bold actions. Inspirational quotes take over some of the pages at just the perfect time. One of my favourite’s from my Violet planner is from Deborah Day “make a pledge to yourself right now, to declare that you are worth your time and energy’. The strength of these stunning words painted over the page is an inspiration to help you carry on your journey and really make it something special. Ponderlily has created something very unique and powerful in their beautiful planners.

If you are the kind of person who wouldn’t dream of following  undated diary then don’t fret, these fabulous planners can still be yours with the selection of the ‘2019 Weekly Bound Planners’ coming in the colours of Blush, Coral or Grey at a higher price of £28. Better yet grab yourself a free printable from the Ponderlily website covering everyones planning needs. It would be impossible to create a planner which was tailored to everyone so Ponderlily even covered that aspect with downloadable schedules which are updated on a monthly basis with new resources as well as taking on consumer suggestions. Ponderlily will literally become your go-to planning lifesaver. Trust me!

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  1. BornToGuide says:

    Amazing Blog post. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. Sade says:

    I remember when I was in school, blogging, making jewelry and trying to scout my outfit or visual photos. I nearly drove myself crazy, I can’t remember how I managed all of that, yet, I was young, with no kids and a lot of time to actually live my truth. I had a planner too bc I was so forgetful of assignments because I was so focused on blogging and making a little money.

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    1. Ponderlily is the perfect solution!


  3. Natasha MacFarlane says:

    Will definitely be checking Ponderlily out when I need a new planner! Thank you!

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  4. When I attended college, I lived by my planner as well. My studies where planned out as far as I could plan them. Kept me so organized.

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    1. That is literally my lifestyle right now hahah


  5. simplydivinethoughts says:

    OMG this post could not have crossed my path at a much better time! I have been looking into getting another journal for the upcoming year. I love the layout and I love journals with quotes and saying on them!
    Thanks for sharing I will definitely be checking this one out!!!
    Much love,

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    1. This is so lovely to hear!! Yes Ponderlily are my absolute go to now. Enjoy the journal x


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