Chaia Tea Bar

What better way to spend a lovely sunny (and relatively hot) lunch time than to sit outside watching the world go by? I spent one of these lovely days we have been blessed with this summer walking around Gosforth enjoying the parks and the High Street when I stopped by one of my favourite independent businesses in Newcastle. Chaia Tea Bar is located on Hawthorn Road just off the High Street, or better described as opposite Have To Love retail boutique.


I think a couple of people had the same idea we had, to sit out and enjoy lunch in the sun. We managed to get the last table for three outside the tea bar under the canopy. As a regular visitor of this stunning little emporium, I was familiar with the ‘order at the bar’ service. I grabbed the enormous tea menu and read out the food options from their blackboard list. Due to the weather two of us chose smoothies and the other was a decaf cappuccino. The ‘Caribbean Crush‘ was super refreshing. A blend of pineapple, mango and coconut milk for just £3.40 was the perfect cooler and healthy drink option. My order was the ‘Kale Reviver‘ for an extra 5p was the best thing I could have before I went off to the gym. It gave me a lot of energy and I felt really fresh ready for my workout.


Typically I would order one of the amazing teas from the biggest selection I have seen. One of my favourites is the gunpowder tea or for something special, the tea bar offers flavoured flowered drinks. Whilst the timer which is provided runs a mini flower bud grows and spreads out in full flourish. Accompanied with a mint chocolate tiffin is the perfect combination, even good enough to Instagram.

For the food Chaia offers a selection of paninis, toasties, salads, flatbreads and soup of the day. Fruit or cheese scones are also something on the menu if you’re not feeling that peckish. They can even be warmed up to your liking and that is exactly what one of us ordered. Feeling like a bit more of a bite we picked the panini filled with Swedish meatballs and cherry tomato relish. The £5.95 cost also gets you a garnish of salad, coleslaw and divine vegetable crisps. I actually love that Chaia don’t serve the typical ready salted flavour which most places do and instead replaces with a healthier and tastier option.


I opted for a panini as well for the same price but instead filled with pastrami ham, cheddar cheese and red onion and jalapeno relish. Absolutely amazing! Fantastic flavours which really complemented each other and the relish was right up my street; a bit of that spicy kick is just what any good panini needs.

Chaia tea bar has become a regular occurrence for my lunch, a cup of tea, or even a coffee and a sweet treat. This is not only for the incredible flavours of food and drink that they offer but for the lovely and extremely friendly staff. The owner of the emporium has become a friend of my mums as she always drops in whenever she is in Gosforth. With a very chilled out and relaxed vibe Chaia is perfect for a sunny lunch outside or even a cosy coffee in the winter. I really can’t wait for when the nights are darker and the temperature drops to be able to call into one of my favourite Newcastle spots, wrap up in their fluffy blankets in the comfy window seat and watch the world go by. Fabulous!


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  1. Sounds like there is some tasty stuff there 😱😱
    Abi xx

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  2. This looks like such a cute little place!

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  3. Everything looked really tasty, I wanted to get stuck it. I felt like I was there with you. I will most definitely have to give this place a try if I ever find myself in Newcastle!


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    1. Aw that’s so lovely! Thank you and yes it’s a must

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  4. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely delightful. Since I live in a pretty rural area of Colorado in the US, it can be hard to find shops like these, though I daydream plenty. 🙂

    Lovely post!

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    1. Aw that’s so lovely to hear!

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  5. Looks amazing glad you enjoyed 😁💖 x

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  6. KB Gamblin says:

    OMG this looks so beyond delicious. Love all the photos you’ve included!
    KB |

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  7. MelaninTalks says:

    Well written blog post 😊 I like visiting independent cafes rather than going to like chain ones due to the service you get. Also enjoyed the pictures you’ve taken, they look good! x

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    1. Thank you so much that means a lot! Yeah me too I love how unique they are rather than every chain being the same

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  8. Emily Pugh says:

    The food looks super appealing, I’m yet to find somewhere like this down south. It looks like such a welcoming, lovely place to eat! x

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    1. Yeah it’s lovely and the owner is super friendly. I hope you find something like this soon nearer you

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  9. Batmom85 says:

    Great post, lovely writing and fantastic photos! You made me thirsty and hungry! I need a passport! All the good food is the u.k! I’m done with California life! That’s it! I’m leaving and this post and it’s wondefil food is why!!!❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Omg thanks so much! I’ve not been to California but it looks amazing how could you get sick of it 😂


  10. alice_kbsld says:

    I loved your post! The last picture is awesome, everything looks so tasty!

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    1. Aw thank you so much x


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