Superpeach is all about happiness.

This is the tag line for this beautiful brand created by the lovely Naomi. From pretty knickers to peachy slogan tees and stationary to socks, this super sweet company has you covered.

After reading many reviews about how amazing their knickers were I had to see what all the talk was about. Going for two pairs, I chose the ‘Olivia’ and the ‘Joy’ designs. There are loads of different patterns, shapes and styles to select from all priced between £7-9 (and even better there is currently a sale on!)


One thing I thought stood out from other companies similar to Superpeach was that when my parcel arrived I was delighted to see my treats wrapped in a stunning pink tissue paper and with little white synthetic rose petals, topped with a little bow. This very personal touch was a lovely surprise as most clothing brands just send your clothes in those plastic bags. Superpeach goes the extra mile even as far as the wrapping.

So ‘Olivia’…these midnight blue and black lace knickers are stunning. Something a little bit more than your usual underwear style with two gorgeous waistbands over the top. The scalloped edges are really flattering for the upper part of the thighs and screams charm and sophistication. When these beautiful lacey knickers arrived I was so happy that they were just as perfect as the images on the Superpeach website. The waistband material is silky on your skin and the lace isn’t itchy like those cheaper materials some brands use.


A little ‘Joy’ in my life. These pretty pants come in a shiny delicate pink with black lace detail on the front-middle area. Two silky pink bows added either side of the pants give just a little bit of innocence to the peachy pair. Again another amazingly comfy pair of knickers. I tend to struggle when it comes to underwear fitting properly because I’m in between sizes but Superpeach have thought that one through. Sizes come in twos (8-10, 10-12, 12-14) and as for the clothing range it is one size fits all (best fits 6-10 as described on the website).


I honestly love this brand for its cute design and on top of the current trends, the comfort of the products they produce and the ease at which the service process is. These two pairs of pants are the only things I have gotten from Superpeach at the minute but it certainly won’t stay that way for long. I already have my eye on a pair of their super soft socks in Serena Embellished Jewel and the embroidered peach t-shirt costing just £12. Another product which is totally on my shopping list is an amazing tea-infuser mug for £20. Okay so it sounds expensive and you might think it’s just an infuser what is so special? Well, it comes in the shape of a cat with the handle being the tale, it’s in a pastel pink colour and on the inside (the infuser part) is a fish. Honestly I love it!

I can’t recommend everyone enough to check out the Superpeach website as I have fell in love with the concept and the peachy designs. Naomi which carried out my order was so lovely and helpful and she packaged up my parcel beautifully. Superpeach certainly has that personal touch to every single order despite being an online company. Check these gorgeous products out!!



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  1. Aww these bits are so lovely! I have honestly been on the hunt for a place that does nice bits like this and that doesn’t cost the world! Also, that peach t-shirt is so cute! As is the cat mug ❤ such a cool design!

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    1. SUPERPEACH is great! I’m so glad you love it


  2. jamnesreen says:

    This brand has an aesthetically pleasing packaging and designs! 😍

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    1. Really nice! Check them out x


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