Cake Stories

Cake is possibly the best medicine for anything. You’re sad, eat cake. You’re stressed, eat cake. You’re happy, eat cake. Finding that special cake is the difficult part.


Since the opening of Cake Stories on Brentwood Avenue, Jesmond, it has become my personal hub. For the last three years this trinket café is where us Newcastle students spend our weekends or evenings. Basking in the extensive range of teas and luxurious coffees, Cake Stories has become perhaps the most popular name in Jesmond.

It is a great place to take your parents when they are up to visit, meet an old friend you haven’t seen in a while or even a late Sunday evening date. I have experienced them all and my favourite cake shop has fitted the occasion perfectly. This week I visited for the first time with the new puppy. Luckily the weather is still rather mild meaning we were able to sit out front in their wooden ‘patio’ area.

My little cake hub is where my mum and I always seem to end up. It has become our place which even though I am at university in my home town I live out so a catch up with her now and again is one of my favourite times and treats. Knowing majority of the menu and cake selections I have nearly tried them all. I really can’t pick a favourite but my top choices are between the peanut butter cake, Easter special crème egg or the lemon drizzle. This time I went for one I have featured on my Instagram page before purely for the beauty and richness that is the ‘Salted Caramel Smash’.


A work of art designed in the form of cake. Two layers of moist chocolate square sponges are crafted together with a moose like cocoa icing. The topping of this rich gooey delight is a dripping caramel sauce and two squares of Galaxy chocolate. Heaven in your mouth. Mum went for her absolute go to cake of ‘Cherry Bakewell’. Hannah one of the owners of Cake Stories has taken the traditional tart recipe and created a cake version which works wonders. The almond flavoured sponge combined with vanilla icing really brings out the sweetness of the cherry topping.


Cake Stories is not only notorious for there cakes but also their strong blends of coffee with flavours of Indian, El Salvador or Brazilian beans. For those who prefer a cup of tea, no fret as 23 flavours will have you spoilt for choice. This cute indie cake and coffee shop is a tea-lovers paradise. From green to rose petal, to gunpowder and the classic breakfast tea Cake Stories has them all. Or if you are wanting a bit of a refreshing cool down why not do what I did and take it icy.

At the moment I am getting really into iced-tea and the one I ordered to accompany my delicious cake was divine. Peach and mango flavoured tea was served with what I think was spiced orange syrup. Fresh mint was added as well as plenty of ice, all presented lovely in a glass jar. The best part? A metal straw was added rather than the plastic ones we are still seeing around. I myself bought some metal straws which I always carry on me, but at Cake Stories there is no need. Mum went for a hot beverage and indulged in a cappuccino with chocolate dusting to finish. The smooth milk which was layered on top went down perfectly with her Bakewell inspired cake.

I would recommend Cake Stories to anyone that is within good distance of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is perhaps one of my favourite coffee shops due its amazing flavours of cake and food, the friendly staff who work there and the relaxed and warm vibe which surrounds the cake store. Hannah and Liz, owners of Cake Stories have done something really amazing here and their passion for their baking really shows in all they do on Brentwood Avenue.

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  1. pixieskies says:

    I study down in Durham, so I spend a fair bit of time in Newcastle, but have never ventured as far out as Jesmond. By the looks of things I’m missing out – these cakes look awesome!

    Megan | xo


  2. thewhayve says:

    This is such a good read -i love cakes, baking them and eating them!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. justnatonya says:

    O this looks delicious! I live in the US but I’m inspired to get out in my city and explore a bit, you just never know what hidden gems are out there 🤗

    Natonya |

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Deborah Kos says:

    This cake store sounds amazing. If I had a cake store near me, it would really be hard to resist.

    Liked by 1 person

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