Kith and Kin

Whitley Bay is somewhere I have never really had the chance to explore. The Playhouse was where my primary schools Christmas theatre productions were held but other than that I have opted mostly for Tynemouth or up the Northumberland coast. Spanish City’s redevelopment which took off earlier this month meant the coastal town has been booming with tourists.

Kith and Kin is a place I have wanted to try for ages now but since getting a puppy and going on placements, my time has been limited. Now that my little cavapoo has had all his injections I was able to go out and enjoy the last of the sunshine.


Kith and Kin are great when it comes to being dog friendly. They say that dogs can come into the café as their owners dine in the front of this cute little place. Those without a dog can choose to sit wherever they like including the area out back which is decorated beautifully with an old fireplace and a large bay window. With the puppy we sat right next to the counter and the front door wanting a bit of a breeze.

The all-day-brunch and lunch café on Park View street has a range of choices when it comes to their food. It isn’t like your typical seaside café though as they have a very extra twist on all their dishes. Mexican Breakfast is one example, with black beans, green and red chilli salsa, avocado, tortillas, fried eggs topped with minted yoghurt, lime and coriander. A bit of a kick to start your day. On my visit we got there just after 1pm and we’re in the mood for being filled up. I ordered the Kith and Kin Steak Sarnie priced at £10.95. Local butchers 6oz steak was cooked perfectly showing pink in the middle. This came with a herb olive oil, rocket and pickled red onions. A homemade pot of Dijon mayo and a side salad accompanied the brown malt baguette. I absolutely loved this meal, the meat was of great flavour, cooked exactly the way I like it and with no chewy bits at all. Alongside my sarnie I ordered a large bowl of sweet potato fries which we ended up all sharing as they were so good. That paprika mayonnaise they put with the fries was ideal, it made the flavour really stand out more. Great addition.


Other dishes off the menu which we ordered was Avocado on Sourdough. Of course, us millennials can’t live without our avo, and to be honest this was actually to die for. Zesty smashed avocado was served with chili flakes, peppery radishes, pickled onions, herb oil and a pot of Kith and Kiln’s Dukkah. This was basically a pot on the side of mixed nuts and seeds blended together. The Dukkah really added something else to this popular dish. The other meal was the Poached eggs your way. For £7.95 your choice was two-free ranged eggs on sourdough toast with either, streaky bacon, smoked salon and fresh spinach or sautéed kale and spring onions. Locally sourced bacon was the choice for us. Adding on extras of grilled halloumi (x4 slices!!) and two huge slabs of chorizo meat. These were an extra cost of £2.50 each which were totally worth it. I had a taste of the chorizo and it was amazing, one of the nicest tasting I’ve had.

A big pot of breakfast tea and a decaf cappuccino were two of the drinks. I asked for a white pomegranate and lime iced tea which had quite a bit of a bite to it. I will probably go for something different next time as it was a bit bitter for me but I was highly impressed with the paper straws. Even some of the food was free-ranged and organic as well as locally sourced in supporting other business which is great to see.

Overall the food was amazing. If only we weren’t so full we would have had a cake to finish. More than one gluten-free option was available along with caramel slices, drizzle cakes and my favourite, cheesecake brownie. The two girls running the counter were super friendly and allowed us the sit with our puppy in the café and even let him sit on the seat. Yes, the Kith and Kin is rather pricy but all three of us agreed that it was totally worth the cost. Our bill came to around £45 but when we thought about what we got for that and the taste and amazing flavours, we had no complaints. I would one hundred percent recommend everyone who is local to go to the Kith and Kin and I will certainly be returning again soon.


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  1. Living with Lils says:

    This place looks absolutely amazing! May I ask where abouts it is? Great post lovely 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Food was delicious, it is in Whitley Bay near Newcastle upon Tyne

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  2. Such a great review, looks like a beautiful place to eat!

    Lizzie Florence.

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  3. glowsteady says:

    I love the decor here. You seemed to get s much for your money too! Yay for being dog friendly too. I always love it when I can take my little guy with me as well x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I’m going to start looking for more dog friendly places now x


  4. Emily says:

    This place looks incredible! You’ve really inspired me to make some avo on toast for breakfast, so thank you. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw good I’m glad I have inspired you! Xx


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