The Naked Deli Gosforth

To look good naked, eat naked.

This is the famous moto of The Naked Deli food brand. Their products are always made from whole and natural state foods…always. Every single order is made fresh in the very heart of each restaurant with no hidden sugars, E numbers, processed foods or chemicals. Now that really is naked eating.

From smoothies to gluten free refined sugar treats, cold pressed juices to naturally healthy and nutritious foods The Naked Deli has gotten clean eating down to a T. Although many of the lucky locals will be familiar with this growing business in the North East I only had the pleasure of visiting for the first time recently. I know it has taken a very long time to try it out and I am kicking myself for it now too.


My visit to the Gosforth branch resulted in me sitting by the lovely large open windows taking in the cool breeze, sitting in the minimalistic yet chic restaurant and my stomach feeling very satisfied. For a health restaurant I was expecting a small menu but was delighted to see such variety and choice on offer. For my table of two, we ordered a soup of the day and one halloumi naked skewers. The soup came out in a very large black bowl served alongside one thick slice of brown spelt bread. What looked liked a mushed-up curry was bursting with flavour. The soup had a bit of spice added which was a great addition to the usual boring vegetable flavour. It was a great texture, not too thick and certainly not runny. Delicious


My halloumi skewers were on the very large side. For £7 the skewers could be accompanied by one side or for an extra £2 two sides. I chose the chili and garlic kale, broccoli and green beans as well as sweet potato hash with onions and peppers. Other options that were available were steamed greens, baked sweet potato chips or organic poached eggs and spinach. The halloumi came on 2 wooden skewers in large squared chunks covered in Naked Rub. All the skewer choices were also all for the same £7-£9. Chargrilled chicken skewers or Tofu skewers could be ordered with The Naked Deli’s Signature Naked Rub too.

A recent decision the healthy deli made was to switch out their smoothies and shakes and replace them with PRESS juices. The waiter who explained this to me told me that the PRESS juices they supply to their customers are very closely matched to their previous menu of drinks. The protein shakes and cake shakes are still available. Going off the recommendations we ordered a Grove 3 PRESS juice flavoured orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, turmeric and cayenne. This sweet and tangy drink is high in vitamin C and E and filled with antioxidants, perfect for a hot summer day and keeping to that summer health cleanse.

IMG_4274The other PRESS juice we tried was the Orchard 1 with the ingredients of strawberry, apple, lemon and mint. Again, another refreshing healthy juice full up to the cap of antioxidants. The perfect addition to our super yummy, super healthy and super delicious lunch.

If the lunch/dinner menu of burgers, salads, sweet potato jackets, omelettes or wraps isn’t enough to fill you up then wander your eyes in the direction of the cake counter. Not just any cakes, yep you’ve guessed it healthy cakes. The thought of all this ‘health’ and particularly the word, by now is probably boring you but believe me the flavours are too good to miss out. The Naked Deli’s food is not your average, it’s doing you good if it doesn’t taste good kind of food. And the cakes are no exception. From superfood nut butter granola bars to coconut and cherry protein balls and cacao fudge and pistachio brownies to summer berry cheesecakes you’re gut will be thanking you for the feel good ingredients and your lips will be constantly licking with the natural mouth-watering flavour.

From handmade sauces and granolas the Naked Deli really is the definition of naked cooking. This clean eating brand has risen to the top of its game in Newcastle with two restaurants open in both Gosforth and Heaton as well as some counters in local gyms, supermarkets and Fenwick Food Hall. The ‘no cutting corners’ attitude amongst the staff really shines in all their amazing tasting food. Looking naked is no longer a struggle just head to the Naked Deli to eat naked and look good naked.


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  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Your halloumi skewers look so good especially with that sweet potato hash! I adore sweet potato it’s one of my favourite foods and those cakes look yummy too! Such good prices for healthy options too so you definitely can’t complain!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were so so good! The flavours were amazing and the sweet potato was delicious. I wished I wasn’t as full to try a cake, will have to go again x


  2. Em says:

    This place looks amazing!! Do they have them elsewhere?! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately not they have little concession stands in department stores around the north east area but at the moment there are only the two restaurants in Newcastle


  3. Oh my goodness, this food looks out of this world delicious!😍 I wish South Africa had places like this. Maybe there are, but I just haven’t found any.😂🙈 I am trying my best to stay on the healthy eating lifestyle! I really need to invest in healthy recipe books so I don’t have to keep hunting around for places that serve food like this in South Africa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel your pain, luckily we have places like this all around Newcastle! Recipe books are great maybe follow some healthy eating bloggers?


  4. abbiejadewanders says:

    This all looks great, halloumi is one of my favourite foods so those skewers sound delicious. Thankyou for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine too! Plus sweet potato it was all amazing


  5. your food looks amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, it was!


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