July 2018 Bargain Buys

From Princes Street to Oxford Street, Market Street to the Shambles and even our very own Northumberland Street, sales have hit almost every store. The fashionistas hidden deep down in our souls escape and go crazy. It’s summer and (for once) the weather is pretty amazing so we are wanting to spend the cash and treat ourselves to some bright, floral and rather uncovering clothes. July sales here we come.


So, in the spirit of ‘summer loving’ I headed into Newcastle city centre to hit the shops and grab myself some bargains. Bloggers such as @becca4_blog, @estherruthwyse , @zestofalice and @saffydixon have showcased some gorgeous pieces recently especially from Primark. I have previously written about my love for Primark and honestly this summer they have hit the nail on the head in terms of fashion. Of course, there will be some ‘out-there’ pieces where we all think “just why?” (Love Island merch anyone) but some of their summer styles have really impressed me. These extremely flattering 1/4 zip ribbed tops are my new favourites. For £6 each these Urban Outfitter look-a-likes are the ideal top for any summer festival or picnic in the park.


I think the colour which comes to mind when we imagine summer is yellow or orange. Designers of the 2018 summer trends seem to have took this on board and high street stores are filled with orange, golden and yellow tones. I have never really considered myself as someone who could pull off yellow but the more orangey tones are right up my stylish street. I bagged myself a bargain with this beaut bronzed yellow tee from H&M. For the price of £8.99 I was delighted to bag myself such a great logo tee which was thin enough to withstand the current heatwave. Perfectly styled with a denim skirt and a pair of my favourite sunglasses gives a new meaning to ‘orange is the new black’.


If you are familiar with some retail store sales such as the likes of NEXT then you may understand the frustration I have when trying to look for something in my size. Everything is mixed up in terms of style, category of clothing and even size, it’s a nightmare! I braved it this year however, but only for the shoe department. Walking thorough Intu Eldon Square I passed NEXT and spotted a pair of scarlet red ankle boots calling my name. Reduced from £45 to £22 and in my size it was just meant to be!

Sunshine means tanning and that gorgeous summer glow. Natural tan doesn’t last long so when we catch those rays we need to make the most of showing our tan off. I have scrutinised all the colours of the nail polish shelves and think I have cracked the code. I have always thought light pink or pastel shades help show off my bronzed skin and after my quest to find the perfect one I was delighted that I did. Essie was my first thought as their nail polish lasts a good while but renowned for being a bit on the pricey side (£7.99). Matching the designer bottle to some high-street brands I found my bargain alternative in the Barry M shade cashmere for only £2.99.


Last but certainly not least is my now go-to beauty fixer for probably every part of me. Coconut oil has risen to the max that even my grandma has heard of this supposed beauty wonder. The debate about whether the tropical smelling oil is actually a fix for your hair, skin and body is a current hot topic. For me I stumbled across Just Coco coconut oil by accident. In the roaring heat I had burnt my scalp (Dutch plaits are not the best idea when spending the day in the sunshine) and my local chemist recommended this miracle tub to help heal and sooth it. Although my hair was extremely greasy for a few days, the burning healed super quickly. I thought that the coconut oil may be great for my skin too and it certainly was. Using this wonder oil once a day even on my face has made my skin so smooth and healthy. My skin even looks better than it did when I was using normal moisturiser. My advice would be to go to your local health and beauty retailers and pick yourself up a tub of coconut oil. Trust me you will never look back.

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your buys – the red boots are lush and reduced and waiting just for you in the right size too 🙌

    I LOVE coconut oil – I use it for all 3 mysle… skin, hair and cooking!! 😂

    Helen – http://www.helensjourney.com

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    1. I know it was just meant to be! 👠 I used to just use it for cooking but I’m hooked on it for my beauty regime now

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  2. ellesecrit says:

    The red boots are beautiful! I love the yellow top too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been looking for some boots like it for a while and these were just perfect! The top is so soft and comfy! H&M had loads similar

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ellesecrit says:

        I might need to take a look!

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  3. Amy says:

    Love the nail polish shade, a great choice to show off bronzed skin as you say. I often find that strong deep colours do the same for me but my skin is quite olive. Love the t-shirt too, gorgeous shade!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree I think coral colours work well too!


  4. Love those red boots!! You got such a good saving on them! Wish I had seen them in the sales.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw no maybe look online for them? Amazing saving I couldn’t say no


  5. Love the boots ❤

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    1. Thank you! Such a great bargain and find

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  6. Jaleysa Daniels says:

    I love a good bargain.. You picked some super cute stuff, but those boots?.. I need those ASAP💞✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks lovely! They’re amazing aren’t they


  7. I love the look, feel and vibe of your blog. Not to mention, I enjoyed this post. I am off to Barcelona next week and I have been making the most of the sales myself, grabbing bargins all over the high street and online. – It has been great for me lol.

    P.S. – Coconut oil is a God-send, welcome to the club, although it must be used sparingly.


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    1. Thank you lovely ☺️have a fab time


  8. Alexx says:

    You can never go wrong with primark in my opinion; great for picking bits up to stock your wardrobe! Currently I’m using argan oil for moisturiser, would you say coconut oil is better though?xx


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    1. Primark are so good at the minute! I use an Argon oil shampoo (herbal essences) which is amazing but I can’t say I’ve tried a moisturiser. This can be next on my list


  9. itsloulouc says:

    That coconut oil is amazing! And love the boots, that colour is a beaut!! X

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    1. I know they are so lovely, I’ve been looking for some red boots for ages so getting them in the sale was a bonus.

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