Bobby’s Lounge

I’m currently sat on the decking of the wooden loch side lodge we have hired in Loch Lomond. I have been coming up here for as long as I can remember, and it has become one of my favourite places in the world. If you’re not familiar with this stunningly beautiful place, it is located on the West side of Scotland only a 45-minute drive from Glasgow. Apart from the scenic views of Ben Lomond and the Loch itself being my nirvana, Loch Lomond has some really tasty places to eat. So, I thought whilst I was enjoying a few weeks up here I would write a few posts about what’s on offer.


So, the first blog post for Scotland is a gorgeous café bistro called Bobby’s Lounge. Located just outside Balloch (the little town at the bottom of the loch). Bobby’s has ownership on the side of Duck Bay Marina restaurant and hotel. When I was younger there used to be a gift shop which Bobby’s has now taken over selling designer clothes, handbags and luxury gifts. In 2016 the conversion of this gift shop into the bistro café took place.
A very stylish and elegant lounge with grey suede booths and coffee tables which look out over the Loch. Bobby’s is one of my favourite café style bistros up in Loch Lomond because it is perfect for afternoon tea or simply just a cake. The staff are always friendly and very well presented and it is just an all-round pleasure to sit and enjoy the ambiance.

At the time of my visit the sun was shining bright in the clear blue sky and the temperature was as high as 27 degrees (hard to believe for Scotland I know). Despite the heat we enjoyed a lovely couple of hours in the lounge. Our order consisted of two cappuccino’s and a caramel latte served with a chocolate mint on the side. As I have said before I have only recently gotten into coffee, but my caramel latte was the nicest coffee I have had to date! Mum and dad also agreed that Bobby’s has never disappointed in terms hot drinks.

The layout of the bistro is designed very cleverly with the entrance displaying all the freshly baked cakes, pastries and macaroons. I don’t think I have ever visited without purchasing a sweet treat. This time there was a chocolate fudge cake on offer and it really caught my eye with the Scottish fudge sauce running down the middle of the cake. The slice was iced with fudge sauce with milk and white chocolate flakes. It was very rich especially on a hot day but never the less extremely enjoyable. Mum ordered one of the mini strawberry tarts to go with her cappuccino as she remembered from last time that the regular sized one was big enough to feed two. Bright red strawberry glaze almost looking like jelly coated the thick cream topping of the biscuit base and not forgetting the fresh strawberries creating the tip. These strawberry tarts are renowned in Loch Lomond as they sell out so quickly due to their beautiful presentation and even better tasting flavour.

There was special attention drawn to the afternoon tea on the menu and we really could see why when it came out for the couple next to us. A three-tiered oval serving tray for one came with two sandwiches with brown bread one the bottom and white on the top. I thought this was quite a cute addition to the usual white or brown sandwich. The fillings were tuna and cucumber and the other ham and Pease pudding. On the middle layer a very large fruit scone presented along with a little jar of strawberry jam, butter and very clotted, clotted cream. Finally, the afternoon tea for one was topped off with a macaroon (the one we got was chocolate orange flavour), a mini meringue with strawberries and a mini cream sponge finger.
Although the food is no doubt amazing and I will always visit when I’m up in Loch Lomond it is a bit on the expensive side. Our bill came to around £28 which for coffee and a cake is dear. Although I must defend Bobby’s café bistro because the quality of the food, drinks, staff and even the layout design of the place is exceptional. I know that I may be paying double compared to other places but it’s guaranteed that I will be blown away every time by the flavours and presentation of such cakes and coffees.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Imogen says:

    Just on route to Scotland right now for all of these amazing treats! You've made me hungry!!! x


  2. It's worth it! so delicious


  3. Tamie Jones says:

    Beautiful! Bobby's Lounge is now on my Scotland Bucket list.


  4. Thank you! I am so glad this is now on your bucket list!!!


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