Mason and Rye

If you have read some of my previous posts especially my post about Fenwick’s Food Hall then you will know by now that I love finding new places for a coffee and a slice of cake. After my trip to Fenwick Food Hall (for the millionth time) I could not stop thinking about the delicious cakes and scones that Mason and Rye were selling in their café-restaurant. When I was shopping in Intu Eldon Square the other day I decided to take full advantage of the time I had to check out their food properly.

We probably all know that Fenwick is a high-end department store that stocks designer brands and luxury products. Their food hall is no exception. With more than just one restaurant located in the Food Hall there is a dining style for everyone. Mason and Rye was first on my list of restaurants to try. My mum and I were having a very successful shopping trip and had woren our feet out and so were after a little pick me up in the form of cake of course. To be expected there was a queue at the counter of Mason and Rye of which I wasn’t surprised because not only do they offer sit in service but also take away.

Pondering the most amazing cakes was an absolute delight. The staff did not rush our cake decisions which I could only guess was the norm here. It took us about five minutes to decide, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at such works of art. Honestly, the cake design and decoration was exquisite. Attention to intricate detail on each cake and tartlet was so lovely to see. You can probably tell I was impressed. After all that deliberating we both decided on a classic slice of Victoria sponge cake. But this wasn’t just your average plain sponge with a bit of jam and icing spread in the middle finished off with dusted icing sugar. Oh no. We were dining at Mason and Rye. We were served the biggest slices of cake I’ve ever seen. Vanilla sponge cake was sandwiched together in two layers of homemade strawberry jam and thick butter cream icing. Following tradition the slices were topped with a dusting of icing sugar as well as some fresh berries.

If your mouth isn’t watering already I would say you are lying. Many people think that a Victoria sponge cake can be a bit boring as it is so simple and plain. I see where they’re coming from but if you get the flavours and cake texture correct you won’t be regretting your choice for the British classic. At Mason and Rye my mum and I certainly didn’t. Accompanying our enormous slabs of cake my mum went for an americano and I tried Luscombe’s Wild Elderflower Bubbly. Over the past few months my love for elderflower has grown. As much as it was really refreshing and washed the cake down well, I would have preferred a bit of a stronger taste of elderflower. Never the less it was most enjoyable.

On this occasion I only chose to have coffee and cake however I will certainly be back at Fenwick Mason and Rye as their food sounded and looked divine. You know that food envy you get when the waiter brings out someone else’s food? I completely had that the whole time when others lunch was served. From prawn superfood salads to cheddar and chutney ficelle the menu ranged in flavours. Even a breakfast menu served until 11am is offered. The classics of course feature, bacon sandwiches, (a fancy) avocado on toast or granola and muesli. Mason and Rye offer it all.

From the sounds of their menu and the look of their food I cannot wait to return to try more delicious tastes. Especially as the Fenwick location is open from 9am until 8pm on most days there is no excuse not to give this chic and sophisticated not to mention heavenly decorated restaurant a visit.

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  1. I love that you can watch them make cakes here through the little window x


  2. The cake looks delicious!


  3. I know it’s great isn’t it, love seeing produce made right in front of you x


  4. I know! I kind of wanted both haha will have to go back and try the chocolate one


  5. Sahara says:

    I wish I loved coffee as much as everyone else does but I’m a tea person – iced or hot it’s the only thing I drink besides water haha. But cafe hopping is my favorite thing to do, especially among local ones, there’s always a difference between local ones tea & small desserts.

    That cake looks delicious!! I love having berries on top of cakes too – that’s great they didn’t rush you as you selected which one you wanted, if I take too long attempting to decide I always worry if the person at the counter is getting annoyed!

    Looks like the perfect place to get a slice of cake and sit down after a busy morning!


  6. Ah I’ve only got into coffee over the last couple of years haha I love berries on cake too! It makes them really refreshing I think


  7. It was delicious! I love fresh berries on cakes


  8. Mmm, that cake looks absolutely delicious. Victoria sponge is my fave!
    Aleeha xXx


  9. Me too! I’m a big big fan when Victoria sponge cake comes so fresh too


  10. If there are multiple cakes on offer, it will ALWAYS take me a while to decide too so I can totally relate haha. The one you went for looks gorgeous and I'd definitely snap up a bacon sandwich next time, too!
    Alice Xx


  11. Imogen says:

    Those photos are literally making me hungry – must go find food now! x


  12. Yeah the cake was divine! I really want to go back and try their lunch or breakfast menu out


  13. Hahahah the struggles of being a blogger who does food posts 🙈😂


  14. jennifer Lim says:

    Just by looking at the photo is mouthwatering already! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place.


  15. Thank you! It was so delicious and such a friendly place to dine


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