Shark Club Review

I’ve been eating out a lot recently in Newcastle which has been great (although rather expensive). With birthday meals, leaving university dinners and just friends catching up I’ve had the pleasure to go back to some of my favourite places as well as trying out restaurants and eateries I haven’t before. I got the offer to go to Shark Club Gastro Bar for their Wednesday wings I thought why not?

If you’re not familiar with this eatery it is opposite St. James’ Park Stadium and is well known with the fans of the Toon Magpies on match days as Shark Club is a sports bar. However, it has become very popular with students over the last couple of years with its Wednesday chicken wings offer. The offer is on every Wednesday and Friday after 3pm where each chicken wing comes coated in whatever flavour you fancy for 37p each and you usually get around 10 chicken wings per plate!

This amazing offer caught my attention when I was invited for someone’s birthday lunch. However, when we all arrived we realised that the wings offer only occurs after 3pm and we arrived at 12pm. To be honest I’m not much of a chicken wings person as I have a fear of swallowing a bone haha, so the offer not applying at the time didn’t bother me. So we took to the normal menu and their choice was extensive. The waitress was so lovely as we asked about a million questions to her and she was so accommodating especially as she informed us it was her first day. I went for the Dirty Crisps which I thought would be like thin potato skins but were in fact actual crisps. They were warmed and topped with buffalo style bacon, blue cheese and ranch dressing which tasted amazing. For me the blue cheese was a bit over powering but never the less was nice. If you’re a big cheese fan and like the sound of this then I would highly recommend because it’ll be right up your street.

We also ordered a plate of Chicken Tenders of the appetisers menu which were £6.95. Huge chunky breaded chicken fillets with a side of ranch dip. There was an option to go for buffalo style chicken tenders but we stuck to the plain ones. We were very impressed with the size of the portions as well as these chicken tenders being so succulent. Another appetiser dish we selected off the menu were the Chili Garlic Prawns. A skillet full of tiger prawns marinated in chili and garlic sauce and a size of ciabatta bread. The prawns were slightly more expensive than the other appetisers costing £8.50 although prawn starters or dishes are typically a bit more expensive than meat dishes elsewhere. We were happy to pay that price as they had so much flavour.

Finally, we couldn’t go to Shark Club without getting some of their famous wings. Despite the offer not starting till later in the day we still ordered a portion of Golden Shark flavoured chicken wings. At a price of £6.95 the 10 wings were covered with plenty of sauce accompanied with a blue cheese dip and some carrot sticks. The only vegetable we saw that lunch time…

I can’t say I had ever been in a sports bar before that day so all I can imagine is Shark Club with lower standards. You can tell why Shark Club is one of Newcastle’s most popular sports bars with their really friendly and helpful staff as well as such great offers such as Wing Wednesday.

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