Cafe 1901 Breakfast


If you have read some of my recent posts you’ll probably know that I am a big fan of independent cafes and restaurants in Newcastle (Best independent lunch spots), especially quirky ones like Café 1901. I’ve had the best luck with the weather over the last few weeks with gorgeous sunshine falling on the days I have had plans. So, last week when I woke up to go and meet friends for breakfast I was delighted to see blue skies.
As per ,my house mate and I got there before everyone else (you’re either always early or always late). Café 1901 opens at 10am and even though it was a Monday morning there was a queue of customers waiting at the doors for opening. We luckily grabbed one of the tables outside in the sun whilst we waited on the rest of our friends. We pondered over the menu and I was glad my friends were a bit late as I had no idea what to choose, all their breakfasts sounded amazing!
After a very long deliberation amongst all of us we got up and went into the converted church to order our food and drinks. I have been to Café 1901 so many times as its vintage vibe is so pretty and stylish. A great conversion of the church on St. Georges Terrace in Jesmond with old fashioned arm chairs, wooden benched tables and even Victorian styled cinema seats. I opted for the Banoffee Waffles which for £6.95 got me caramelised bananas, Nutella, vanilla ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and nuts. This sounded so good not to give it a try. My friend went for the Apple Strudel Waffles which were a new addition to Café 1901’s breakfast menu. For these waffles, customers received fresh pressed waffles, apple, cinnamon and sultana compote, vanilla ice-cream topped with fresh apples, nuts and toffee sauce. We really couldn’t argue with the amount of toppings and flavours put into the waffles we received and especially for such a good price.


My other friend got the absolute classic breakfast of Avocado Smash. For a little more than our waffles at the price of £7.95, this breakfast came with spiced avocado, two poached eggs, cherry tomatoes topped with a garnish of rocket and feta all served on a toasted ciabatta. If you were a bit more hungry and wanted to add bacon, halloumi or salmon to this divine breakfast it would set you back a mere £2 extra. I typically ordered my favourite smoothie which was flavoured mixed berry whilst my friends ordered frappes. We were all pleasantly surprised at the size of the frappe coffees as they were priced at £3.95 but customers received an iced expression mixed with milk and a syrup of choice (they went for caramel) topped with a large amount of cream. Delicious.
We waited a little longer than usual for our food to be served but we weren’t too fussed as we were catching up and the café was very busy that Monday. But by gosh were we delighted when it did come out. My waffles were absolutely AMAZING. I loved them and wish I had visited Café 1901 before I wrote my Best breakfast spots in Newcastle because I would 100% have added this super cute church vintage café to my list. Both my friend and I agreed that the waffles tasted so fresh and the flavours were matched perfectly. As someone who isn’t such a banana lover I thoroughly enjoyed every last crumb! The avocado smash I was told was spectacular with the spiced avocado bringing a fresh taste to the typical smashed avocado which other restaurants serve. Presentation on all three of our breakfasts was like a work of art. I think my friends and I have found our new favourite catch up spot for breakfast and with us all graduating university, I know we will all make a massive effort to come back to Café 1901 and catch up and brunch at such a splendid place.

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  1. helloSHELLS says:

    Those hear shaped waffles are so cute! I absolutely love breakfast food and I am always down to hear about spots that have a good breakfast!

    Thanks for sharing! x



  2. I love to hear about quirky and interesting cafes. A while back I wrote my Masters dissertation on cafes as community hubs and this sounds like a perfect example. I also like that it has brought an old building such as a church back to life. You paint a beautiful picture of a blissful Monday morning. And those waffles… Got me hungry!

    Sagittarius Travels


  3. Natonya M. says:

    O my this breakfast is set for the finest! I wanna travel to Europe solely for the gorgeous cuisine😍 I too am not the biggest banana fan but I definitely would try those waffles drizzled with salted caramel too??? Excuse me while my mouth waters 😂 I'm gonna try to make the avocado toast with poached eggs at home. I never made poached eggs because they seem intimidating 😂 awesome post!

    Natonya |


  4. Hahahah yes let me know how the poached eggs turn out! If you ever come over to the UK come to Newcastle your guide to food is already here


  5. Rebekah says:

    This breakfast looks amazing! I'm not normally someone for a sweet breakfast, so your friend's avocado smash would've been perfect, but I don't think I could've resisted going for a waffle! They look so good. I don't live anywhere near Newcastle myself, but if I ever take a trip up that way, I know where I'm going to first! Thanks for sharing.

    Rebekah Gillian |


  6. Ah I’m the opposite I love something sweet! Yes definitely if you’re ever near Newcastle there are so many good food places to go


  7. I need to visit more cute, quirky little cafes! This food looks delicious!



  8. Little finds like this gem are my favourite much preferred over chain restaurants and cafes


  9. Those waffles look INCREDIBLE. I have major food envy right now and SUCH a craving for waffles!! The frappe and the poached eggs look amazing too. Reading this post has made me so hungry!

    Julia |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I write them I make sure I’m full otherwise I would crave so much food!


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