Dog and Scone Review


We are all aware of one of the most heavily debated arguments among our generation…cats vs dogs. Mog on the Tyne in Newcastle is known as the cat café where customers can drink coffee and eat cake whilst the resident cats linger around the café. More recently, after so much demand from the public, Dog and Scone opened up on Pudding Chare situated just off the Big Market.

As someone who favours dogs over cats, I can’t help but be bias towards Dog and Scone (if you’re a cat person I would love to read a post on Mog on the Tyne?) A lot of people have told me such great things about this unique café and once my university exams had finished I took the opportunity to book in a visit. With no surprise, bookings are a necessity and more than likely more than a week in advance. A deposit is taken at the time of online booking of £1.20 per person which is deducted off your bill at the end of your visit.

Arriving outside the café you have to knock on the door where one of the staff let you in. I was a bit early for my hour slot so the really friendly staff let me in behind a little fence where the dogs couldn’t get out. Image a play pen in miniature size and for dogs. The group of visitors who were playing with the dogs before me sat on beanbags or on the floor playing with Momo the toy poodle, Lucky the bichon freize and Yuki the toy Yorkshire terrier. Others sat at their tables with dogs on their laps wrapped in blankets. I won’t lie I was like a kid in a candy shop and couldn’t contain my excitement.
After the group before mine left we made our way to our table where we ordered complementary coffee’s (included in the £4 entry fee) but we went straight to the beanbags to play with the dogs. Blankets were provided so dog hairs didn’t get on your clothes and I really did need one. I was slouched on the floor when Noodle the newest member of the café came and sat on my lap. Noodle appeared to be everyone’s favourite and there is no surprise as this long haired miniature dachshund is such a unique colour of golden blonde almost like a golden retriever. Within minutes Yuki came and joined in the pile on bringing Coffee the Welsh corgi with her.
I may be a dog lover but I am clueless when it comes to the breed of dog. The staff were so friendly and more than happy to chat to you. The young girl Laura was really lovely and spent ages telling us all about the breeds and about the café itself. She explained that the owners of the dogs come at the end of each day and take their dogs home. The entry fee (which includes a free tea/coffee/cold drink) helps pay towards looking after each dog including vet bills, grooming and running of the café.
After a dog pile on our coffees were served and we sat down at the table. Noodle came running over (the cutest thing in the world) rushing around at my feet. I picked her up and wrapped her in the blanket on my knees where she fell softly asleep. One of the staff later came over to swap the dogs around. Some of the breeds wanted to be played with or held, others wandered the café and the rest played in the mini ball pit.
I know everyone has a favourite type of dog, some like big dogs like a Great Dane, others like miniature dogs but for me I’m a bit of both. If I could choose any dog I would normally have said a labradoodle or something along those lines but after my visit to Dog and Scone I think I could love any dog. My favourite on the day was totally not my type, a very white, very fluffy dog called Teddy. This absolutely gorgeous Pomeranian seemed to take a liking to me as she nestled into me as I picked her up onto my lap. She sat there for over 20 minutes drifting in and out of sleep. When she was awake she wanted to be stroked and played with. Her jet black eyes wandered everywhere you looked and as soon as someone stood up or moved she joined in the other dogs rushing over to the giant human standing above them.

The environment of the dog café is so peaceful and relaxing. Classical music fills the room and all of us left Dog and Scone completely relaxed and ready for a nap. I think this café is a fantastic business which has a hit a massive gap in the market in Newcastle where dog lovers from all around have the opportunity to pet and play with such a broad range of breeds. It is obvious that the staff there are real dog lovers with their enthusiasm and love for their role really shining through during my visit. All the dogs appear happy and joyful in their nature which was so lovely to see. You can tell the owners of Dog and Scone really look after and treat their animals with respect and love they deserve. If you are a dog lover like me or even just a fan of dogs I would highly recommend a visit as it was such a fab experience and twist on your usual coffee shops.

Don’t forget to book early in advance so you’re not disappointed as the cafe’s popularity is growing more and more.

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  1. Juliet Ly says:

    OMG! So cute. I'm not really a cat person so this is perfect for me!!!!!!


  2. No neither am I and to be honest I prefer bigger dogs but I fell in love with all of the little dogs


  3. Oh my god!! I need to go to this! This honestly sounds like heaven. There is a Kitty Cafe in Nottingham but I much prefer dogs, this place honestly sounds AMAZING xx


  4. Honestly if you are ever near Newcastle I would highly recommend the dogs are amazing and so so adorable


  5. Omg. I have found a reason to venture to The North. I always get a little excited when I walk past a floofty dog in the street, haha!



  6. If this caught your eye I know there are so many more reasons to venture up North! Check out the rest of my blog posts celebrating and highlighting the north east


  7. This looks like the best place ever, I always like somewhere a little bit more if I can take my dog with me but a dog cafe? Amazing, I need one a little closer to me ASAP x



  8. Cafes are changing loads now aren’t they to allow dogs to come in but yes definitely a dog cafe is always a winner


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