Little Fishy


One of the Newcastle quayside’s most popular summer features is the large sandpit which is set up just before the Millennium Bridge. If locals are unable to get to the coast or don’t want to travel too far out of the city centre then this fantastic summer feature is perfect. It feels just like you are at the seaside with bright yellow striped deck chairs and beach huts available for use. And the best thing?
Little Fishy eatery brings fish and chips which is an absolute must when at the beach.

You may or may not have noticed this coastal themed shipping container which sits next to the sand pit filling the quay air with smells of salt and vinegar. Previously Riley’s Fish Shack which has been popular at King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth. Serving up your loved cod fillets in breadcrumbs, triple cooked chips and tartar sauce. But Little Fishy isn’t your typical fish and chip shop instead bringing a bit of class and sophistication to the British seaside food. Cod fillets in Cajun spiced breadcrumbs is a fishy dish for the spice lovers out there and something to give you a bit of a kick. From lime and coriander cod tempura’s to a cod goujon bread bun stack. Even a little bit of Jamaica with the ‘Little Jerk’ where Caribbean slaw in a brioche bun is topped with jerk spiced cod bites.

I was expecting the portion sizes to be a lot smaller than they were especially as fish and chip specialty restaurants such as the Little Fishy are rarity in Newcastle city centre. Instead I was pleasantly surprised with the large portion I received and for a price which I thought was very reasonable. I opted for the halloumi fries for only £6. A love and a self confessed halloumi expert I was expecting big things from the Little Fishy. I was not disappointed. The fries were topped with minted yoghurt, fresh mint and pomegranate seeds. Honestly, delicious and on my list for the best halloumi fries I’ve ever had!!

Customers entered the shipping container at the far end where orders were taken at the till. Food is made to order so you know it will be fresh but maybe have to wait a little longer than normal but if it tastes this good then I don’t think anyone minds too much. A couple of benches are set inside Little Fishy for customers who wish to eat their fantastic food amongst the seaside atmosphere. As I waited for my halloumi I sat on one of the benches looking out over the sandpit people watching. I thought if it wasn’t such a nice day I would sit there and enjoy the view of the River Tyne and Tyne Bridge. Perfect for a date would be Little Fishy watching the sunset over the Tyne Bridge whilst still being in the centre of Newcastle.

Instead, I took my very large and very tasty halloumi fries out with me as I walked the quayside. I was so full after eating my portion and kept me full all the way into the evening which was so good. Flavours which were the combination were setting off all my taste buds. I really cannot wait to go back and work my way through their menu. Although small, they are a niche business in the perfect spot. Their menu may not be large or extensive but their flavours are what keeps the Little Fishy high on everyone’s fish and chip shop lists. I think I will have to try their fish and chips because triple cooked are my favourite kind of chips and the portions looked amazing. For only £7.50 per person and £4 per child it is a right bargain. Chips start at £2 and curry sauce is only 80p and even a specials board for the catches of the day. With prices like these and flavours topping your local chippy, the Little Fishy may well be the next big fish and chip shop in the North East.

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  1. Aditi says:

    Absolutely delicious post!
    Thanks for sharing.:)


  2. Thank you!! They were amazing and have such a great menu x


  3. I am embarrassed to say I've never had halloumi! I don't even know what it is! An I am a self-professed foodie! It sounds delicious; I love pomegranates and mint! When I come to visit the motherland, I will be sure to check out Newcastle!


  4. Ah if you're a foodie then you'll probably love it. It's a Greek cheese which squeaks when you eat it (sounds weird but tastes amazing!) Let me know what you think of Newcastle when you come over!


  5. Natonya M. says:

    Awwww man I wish we had a Little Fishy here in the US! That looked so good, there is nothing like a good fish & chips 😋 I never had halloumi fries before but it sounds exotic and something I want to try. Thanks for sharing!

    Natonya |


  6. England can’t get enough of fish and chips haha yes try them! They’re my favourite


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