Newcastle Quayside Market: Clothes, Gifts and others

So, I am presuming if you are reading this post you have read my previous post on the Quayside Market specifically talking about the food that is on offer. Therefore, we’re all on the same page as to where, when and what the Quayside market in Newcastle has to offer every Sunday. So lets get right to it.
One of my favourite things to do is to look at the independent or unusual shops that I come across. The idea that there may only be one lampshade like the one you found in a charity shop or a unique scarf that caught your eye at a vintage market. I love the individuality of each item on sale and this is the exact vibe that I got from the Quayside market. The stalls bring such great character and knowing that what each customer is buying is probably the only place they can get these products from. From jewellery and clothes to wooden clocks and painted feather pictures. The Newcastle Quayside market has it all.

Cotfield Mirrors have had their own stall at the market for as long as I can remember. If you have given the market a visit once or twice before you would have noticed the beautifully handmade mirror mosaics and the black tent filled with the most colourful and unique patterns. All mirrors are made with recycled wooden frames where the customer can choose their own colours, size and even design of their work of art. Alan and Carol the owners of the business are always on hand to take your personal design order as they sit and work right in front of your very own eyes.

From vintage clothing lines such as Levi’s jeans, shorts and jackets from £10 each you are guaranteed an absolute bargain. For the more edgy and indie trend setters there were stalls with funky shirts, what I would call old vintage ski jackets and super cool tinted round sunglasses. My favourite were the jackets in all different denim materials and colours. Black, white, bright blue, faded blue, you name it they had it. If you’re after a gift for your friend or S/O and want to bring some sophisticated style then check out the stalls with the most beautiful printed scarfs. There was no persuasion needed with my friend and a beautiful pale blue scarf with gold printed trees.


As a child I was on a school trip somewhere and they had a fortune teller exactly like the horse carriage at the Quayside. At the time I was too young and had too little pocket money to get a fortune so settled for a lucky horse shoe which hasn’t left my bedroom since. Kathleen Lee sets up her horse carriage of fortunes at the same spot opposite Great Coffee every week. Fortunes are told for £3 per child and £5 per adult. Would you be braver than I am to hear what your future may hold? 
Along the mystical route of products there are healing solutions such as the magnetic metal wrist bands to help ease arthritis or Japanese healing stones. Birth stones in small, medium and large sizes are also on offer. I used to pretend that my birthstone was the pink one (no idea which month this represents) because I thought it was the prettiest. Beautiful glass-like coloured stones and shiny crystals from £1 each are a steal if you ask me. I purchased two intensely coloured glass stones which were hot pink in colour and flat with stone ridged edges. I thought they would be perfect as two coasters.

Looking for a different kind of present? Or even just something unique for you home? I was so impressed with the talent and creativity which was displayed on the stalls. Wooden ornaments and candles have appeared the latest rage in home accessories and the Quayside market doesn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved one stall in particular which sold hand painted feathers in gorgeous frames. North East talent at its finest was showcased here with designed paintings all setting a different scene from the seaside to golden brown forest walks.

By now you may be thinking what more could be on offer and that you want to rush down next Sunday to the Quayside to grab some bargain gifts and accessories. One last mention I had to include was the Toon’s most loved gift company ‘Geordie Gifts’. Although they do have their own space in Granger Market, Geordie Gifts is such an individual and niche business selling luxury gifts all in and about the Toon. Mugs, coasters, tote bags and wall hangings are all branded with quotes from the Newcastle accent. The best one for me was the translation mug with printed sayings such as “bonny bairn” “howay man” and “whey aye”. And fathers day coming up at the weekend, it is the perfect gift or even last minute card dash with a local touch to it.

In the words of Geordie gifts, Newcastle Quayside market “there’s nee one like yee”.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE markets! There are so many interesting things to discover and buy.
    I've never been to Newcastle but reading your blog now is making me want to go!

    Livvy x


  2. Aw thank you! Me too, Newcastle has so many but the Quayside one every week is one of my favourites there's so much there x


  3. I only got to go to Quayside market once this year, will definitely have to make sure to go more often when I come back for uni next year. Its amazing!


  4. It's so good! perfect for students as there are so many good deals on food, clothes etc


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