Newcastle Quayside Market: Food

From as early as I can remember my family and I had always loved looking around the quayside market on a Sunday and it remains a tradition to this day. As many of us will know finding time for all your family or friends to enjoy some time together can be hard as life’s fast pace gets in the way. Sunday just gone we all planned to meet up and explore the much loved local market.
The quayside market happens every Sunday from 9am till 4pm with the number of stalls growing and growing. And with the great weather we had at the weekend it was the perfect day which also brought so many people to the stalls. My advice would be to work your way down one side of the aisle of little tents and once you’ve reached the top turn and go down the other side. Therefore its pretty much impossible to miss anything. So on this fine Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of handcrafted, luxurious and quirky items on sale. There was so much I’ve decided to write two posts, one for the food on offer and one for the home and arty stalls.

So, lets talk food. As you make your way along the quay the aroma from the stalls and vans hits you. From olives and Mediterranean nibbles to cooked sausages, katsu curry and melted cheese snacks. There was not one stall selling the same thing. I loved how each one was unique in its own way like the vegan food van ‘Vegano’. A little silver trailer parked up with a food hatch setting out a fake grass runway up to the food. A fab idea to keep the natural theme and serving up vegan kebabs, burgers and hotdogs.


Sweet treats were available in abundance and I was so looking forward to trying a Proven Goods Co. doughnut but unfortunately I got there too late so if you were there and got one I’m so jealous of you! Instead I treated myself to some Le Mini Macaron macaroons (how perfect do these look?) Freshly baked bread, focaccia and pies caught everybody’s eyes. Even colourful fruit and vegetables from stalls in Granger Market style could be found along the quay. I won’t lie I could not contain myself at the amount and such broad range of foods on offer. From around the world there were Chinese food, Japanese food, English BBQ food and even the toon’s favourite Acropolis Greek food. My friend opted for a Curry Roll. Rice, spicy colourful veg, salad, your choice of meat all in a fluffy flour naan bread. Need I say any more??
After day dreaming about eating something from every single one of these stalls and the harder and even longer period of time I took to decide what I wanted to have for my lunch, I was rather parched. Torn once again, I found myself debating over a bottle of Northern Juice or a handmade flavoured soda. Northern Juice is a company which I have kept a close eye on since their launch of their brand. I love many things about them, one being they are from Newcastle and two that all their juices are raw cold pressed blends, tonics and smoothies. My other option also looked so inviting. A lovely lady who I spent probably far too much time picking her brains about her stall was her handmade fresh soda. For £2.50 I thought was a bargain as flavour combinations included a ‘Nojito’ a lemonade, lime and mint and many many more. I decided on the latter option because I wasn’t quite sure I would see the lovely lass again. I opted for a pomegranate, lime and lemonade. Fresh limes and pomegranate seeds were added to my plastic cup with a pretty floral paper straw (recycling friendly too, bonus).

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Everything looks soooo delicious !


  2. Ooh the drink looks lovely! Great post, I love the photos! X

    Ashleigh |


  3. It all was, my mission is to try something from every stall


  4. Thanks!! Yeah the soda was so refreshing


  5. Omg, this post made me so hungry! This happens every Sunday?! I had no idea! I'll have to drag my family over next time I'm up north (they're in the north west!)


  6. Yeah every Sunday 10-4 it has improved so much. There are loads of stalls ranging from food to crafts to luxury home things- check out the sister article I posted on all things non-food at the market 🙂


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