My Body Shop Basket

I have always been a lover of The Body Shop from a very young age. I used to spend all my pocket money on those little gift sets. The white musk body mist was an absolute go to for 15 year-old me and the body butters have always been so creamy with a divine aroma. 6 years later and I am still a big fan of their products.
The Body Shop has a big focus on the natural approach to beauty and self care. Their vegetarian attitude and fight against animal cruelty in beauty product testing is inspiring. They have even brought out a vegan range to cater for any of you vegan beauties. With so many campaigns on their website (Enrich not Exploit) about how to help the planet and the people that live on it is such a good brand focus in my eyes.
So after my love for such a beautiful brand I decided to share what my top picks from their products are at the moment. Firstly, I am simply adoring the hand cream tubes they are selling for £5.00. The scents are so fresh and last so long (I often apply them to my wrists instead of perfume the smell lasts that long). I sometimes find that hand creams either have no scent or the classic ‘baby like’ fragrance or they don’t do a good job of keeping my skin soft at all. But, I have found the perfect combination. My favourite as you can probably tell by my half used tube (already I know, I’m obsessed) is the frosted plum hand cream. I’m not really a sweet scented kind of gal so if you’re into those rose and strawberry scents then I would recommend the pink grapefruit or rose-petal ones. If you’re more like me who likes a more musky fragrance then I absolutely love the frosted plum. It is very much like Jo Malone or the White Company in terms of its scent; very subtle but infusions of magnolia and peony really makes this hand cream a step above the rest.
Next up is the Seaweed oil balancing clay face mask. For only £11.00 this 100ml tub will be anyone’s go to product who has combination or oily skin. It works by cleansing your pores to restore the natural oils your skin produce. Applying the mask is super easy and has fine grains of exfoliation which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Application to the face and neck is left for 10 minutes whilst the clay dries. Washing the product off is quick and simple as it doesn’t require scrubbing or peeling like some masks do. I was worried that this clay mask may strip my skin of all its oil and leave my skin dry but instead, it absorbed the excess oil and left my skin looking shine free for days. The Body Shop recommend you use this product one to twice a week, but from my personal experience I only need to use it once a week in order to target those shiny T-zones.
It was only in the last couple of years that The Body Shop have released a beauty range. I remember only being able to get those little round tubs of the lib balms and everyone always chose strawberry. They ran out in a week! Now, The Body Shop sell a range of lipsticks and glosses. With the very popular Kylie Jenner lipsticks being all the craze at the moment, the likes of NYX and The Body Shop have produced dupes and I have tested so many matte lipsticks in stores trying to find one that a) I like the colour of, and b) actually stays on my lips for a decent amount of time. It wasn’t until a friend of mine bought me the matte lip liquid in the shade Nairobi Camellia as a gift that I found my perfect match. This liquid lip product is very easily applied and dries in seconds giving you that perfect matte look. This shade is perfect for someone who has a light skin tone as it adds a bit of colour to your face, giving a fresh-look appearance. Not only does it look great it lasts for so long too. I have honestly never had any other lipstick or gloss that has lasted from first thing in the morning until mid-afternoon (including several cups of coffee too).
Have any of you guys tried any of these products and had the same reactions towards them as I have? Or can recommend any other products by The Body Shop which you think I’ll love?

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