Newcastle Farmer’s Market

I have only very recently discovered the Newcastle City centre’s farmers market and what a delight it was. Taking place every first Friday of each month, I made my way into Newcastle town centre where the market was being held at Grey’s Monument. The stalls are open from 9am to 2.30pm and on the 1st of June I headed down around 11am. After only 2 hours of trade, there was a buzz of people wandering the stalls and purchasing good old fashioned local produce.
The farmers market is not a large one, with only a few stalls but there are plenty of quality goods on offer. The traders at this monthly event are only granted selling rights if they produce their products within a 50 mile radius of the market stall. And I personally think this is a fantastic idea. It allows local suppliers to showcase their produce and really keeps the ethos within the community of Newcastle. Consumers know exactly where the products they are buying come from and are guaranteed that it is locally sourced from around the best city in the UK.
So what exactly is on offer? From local meats from the Northumbrian farms, vegan chocolate beans handmade by Chocolateeha to a Touch of Class who craft organic soap and skincare products. One stall which really caught my eye on Friday was selling gluten free and vegan cakes and pastri
es. Cakes included mini Victorian sandwich cakes and rhubarb and custard muffins. My favourite’s were these strawberry cheesecake muffins sold for only £2.50 each!! They looked so tasty and delicious.
Jams, marmalades, curds and chutneys created in Newburn are also some of the local produce the farmers market has on offer. Jean’s Jams are crafted approximately 6 miles from Greys Monument and looked so amazing. The cute designed labels give each jar a classy and professional look. The apricot jam looked so fruity juicy.
Green plants from tiny to tall spread across the end stall intriguing the locals. As I wandered around I saw so many people pick up the little pots saying ‘so and so would love this’ and ‘ah that’s just what I’ve been looking for’. Just around the corner from these beautiful plants was Garth Cottage Herbs. Herbed plants and condiments set up along the stall table were presented. Perfect for salads, dressings, sauces etc Garths Cottage Herbs created flavours such as raspberry, mint and walnut into a dressing as well as an infusion of classic flavours for a French dressing with fresh herbs.
What I was so impressed with at Newcastle’s farmers market was how fresh all the products were and I know that was because they were all locally sourced materials and suppliers from within and around Newcastle upon Tyne. Pastries perhaps freshly made that morning and the soaps bringing the perfect aroma floating around the market air was the perfect way to start the first Friday of June.

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