Primark Summer Haul

So, the summer is pretty much upon us now and although Newcastle can be a bit of a hit or miss in terms of great weather we all still want to dress for summer. In Newcastle it has been said the locals dress for the seasons and not the weather, meaning us Geordies are looking out for shorts, T-shirts and maybe even a summer dress to add to our wardrobes.

I know most women would head straight to Topshop, River Island or H&M but lets just take a moment to talk about the high-street bargain store Primark. Renowned for its low prices and a great place to get a cheap pair of sunnies. Wardrobe basics are a must from Primark because can anyone really say no to a £2 T-shirt? However, it may not be everyone’s first choice for holiday clothe shopping but at the moment there seems to be major hype about its most recent summer launch.

Forget those Love Island slogan Tees we saw last year (I am however expecting a come back of them soon) Primark is hitting back with some fab and fashionable items. For instance a shimmering evening bag is the perfect spend. For only £10 I had to have it. I don’t know about you guys but I struggle to find bags which have a bit of colour and some detail but not huge in size or price. Primark became my saviour as I have been looking for a bag just like this for too long!! With its relaxed vibe but also very chic style, this mini across-the-body bag would be great for a trip to the local village on your summer adventure to Spain or France.

Festival season is also well underway at the minute and the classic outfit of denim shorts and flower hairbands would not be complete without a groovy pair of shades. My favourite were these round blue-green shade tint sunglasses. I’m trying to catch on to this cool round sunnies trend but they always look so small on my face. These however were the perfect size as they have more coverage over your eyes. I know what you’ll be thinking, they won’t be UV protecting though will they? Actually they are! (I was shocked too) and for £2/3 you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind in the muddy fields at Glastonbury.

Like I mentioned, we have probably all owned/own at least one top from Primark. When other high-street stores are asking for prices as high as £20 for a simple white tee is there any wonder Primark does so well? And with so much marketing around unicorns this year (I actually am obsessed with them) this cropped T-shirt was the ideal one for me. Its comfy material with a bit of glitz and glam is what I am all about. It’s not boring but not in your face “I love unicorns” either. Other T-shirts Primark are stocking include French slogan tees, floral and off the shoulder ruffle tops. Summer weather is also a call for all you brave souls out there who can rock a bandeau top. This multi-coloured one caught my eye completely. It has very much an Urban Outfitters kind of vibe to it but for less than half the cost. Dressing this up with a pair of jeans to head to a BBQ or a denim skirt for a summer night out would look super cute.

I have been checking Primark on a regular basis these last few weeks because I have been so impressed with their stock. The quality of the fabrics have very much improved in my opinion and the prices have kept lower than any other store. For your holiday essentials I would really recommend a spree at Primark because at the end of the day if you forget the unicorn top or break those wanna be cool shades they would have only cost you a couple of pounds anyway.

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