My top 3 Breakfast Spots in Newcastle

I don’t know about you but I would much prefer to get up, get dressed and go for breakfast than go out for dinner. Yeah, it is kind of nice to maybe dress up fancy and have a glass of bubbly (*cough cough, bottomless brunch anyone?) but there is something truly satisfying about starting your day with a delicious breakfast served with a coffee of course. The added bonus of not have to do the dishes when you’re tired or hungover is a good enough reason for me.

There are so many places you could get your morning fuel but I have my favourite top three. In third place is somewhere all local Geordies will know of, Arlo’s. In one of Newcastle’s most stylish areas of Jesmond, where southern students choose to hang out, Arlo’s is a tasteful and classy place to brunch. On the summer days when we manage to get a bit of sunshine, there is nothing better than sitting outside with a blanket wrapped around you, sunglasses on sipping that cappuccino before you tuck into your eggs benedict. Okay that sounds a little pretentious but honestly the food is delicious and not all of the regulars have that ‘lah de dah’ about them. I personally would opt for waffles and bacon drizzled with maple syrup. Another option which always hits the spot is a classic English breakfast. The full works, we’re talking sausage, bacon, baked beans, tomato, mushroom and of course eggs cooked your way.

Taking second place is somewhere a bit more relaxed and somewhere you could roll out of bed still in your pj’s and no one would bat and eye. Heaton’s breakfast hub the Butterfly Cabinet. Set on Heaton Road, this chilled vibe is a perfect way to shake the cobwebs off and start your day. This brunch spot claimed a place in my top three because of such an extensive menu. I took about 15 minutes to try and decide what I wanted. I settled in the end for the USA breakfast. As a big, big lover of pancakes I had to try this one out. An American twist on the English classic, bacon, sausage, hash browns and three very fluffy very filling pancakes. To top it all off, it was smothered in maple syrup. It may sound like a heart attack waiting to happen, but you will regret it if you don’t. A big hearty breakfast in a super relaxed environment is what I love about the Butterfly Cabinet.

So if you’re a local you’re probably now wondering where on earth could top these two fab eateries? A hidden gem in Newcastle blew me away and I just haven’t had a breakfast like it since. Lost and Found located just up the road from Butterfly Cabinet has a 1920s feel about it, somewhat a vintage classic. Their menu is not exactly what you might expect but I believe it is better. A ‘poshed up’ shall I say menu where choices include ‘wild mushroom, prosciutto , watercress, poached eggs and truffle oil’ I mean wow… My ultimate favourite thing on their menu is the granola pancakes (told you I was a big fan). Mascarpone, fresh berries, elderflower syrup and fruit compote all arranged beautifully on such fluffy, scrummy pancakes. Personally I was apprehensive when I ordered as I am more of a bacon and eggs kind of girl but the flavours and explosion of taste left me full and still wanting more. I am craving them right now actually!

Ps. Plans are now made to go brunch at Lost and Found this week

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