Best Cake on Brentwood


As a student myself I am in the current stages of exam time and in need of a little something to light my spirits and refuel my mind. Along what may be described as one of Newcastle’s most glamorous streets is Cake Stories.

For a long time Brentwood Avenue’s ‘place to go’ was Arlo’s. Don’t get me wrong the breakfasts there are to die for (literally with the maple syrup pancakes) but Cake Stories is Jesmond’s answer to the perfect coffee and cake. Now as someone who is a lover of all things sweet when I heard of this family run business opening back in May 2015 I knew I had to check it out. To be honest I’ve been hooked ever since!

It’s retro vibes strike you as soon as you walk in. Not a large cafe but a good enough size to fit in a piano. Multi-coloured trees decorate the walls and there is always a smiling face waiting to serve you behind the counter. A typical visit from me involves one of their fabulous and extensive ranges of flavoured teas, a latte or a delicious iced-tea cooler if Newcastle’s weather is treating us to some sun. Let’s be honest the clue is in the name, what everyone really wants to know is what are the cakes like? Well let me just say, they are not a disappointment. A go to would be the salted caramel cake.

I mean come on, this just looks mouth watering. A gooey chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped with caramel sauce and caramel chocolate pieces. Tempting right?The iced-tea cooler goes perfectly to refresh your taste buds. I love the peach and mango flavoured one with added elderflower sweetener.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got a sweet tooth which clearly I have. Cake Stories has a range of scones and pastries which can fill that space in your tummy. A Lunch menu is also a good idea (if you can get past the cakes that is). From sandwiches to soup, their menu even caters for cheese lovers with their baked Camembert and cranberry toast dippers.

If you fancy trying Cake Stories out for yourself then a cake and a coffee would set you back just under £10 obviously depending on what you order. With such a buzz going around at the moment about this amazing cakery you may find yourselves waiting for a seat, especially if you want those comfy arm chair sofas in the window. Opening hours are everyday until 9.30pm, so why not grab a late treat with a work colleague, a friend you are in desperate need of a catch up with. Even better still if you’re a student like me suggest it to your parents when they come visit. A bit of TLC from a delicious cake is just what the doctor ordered…just maybe not everyday.

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